Thursday, February 9, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

Hi, there! I took a little accidental break from blogging. We have stayed busy this past week, but nothing too blog worthy, so I guess that’s why I haven’t blogged. I’ve also been working hard to not spend time on the computer during the day when the kids are awake or at night when Josh is at home. This leaves nap time for me to be on the computer and I have lots of other things that have kept me busy during naptime this week!

Here are a few random pictures from this week…

Jillian has been pretty obsessed with these these Happy Baby pouches this week. It’s funny because she wouldn’t eat them when I was making her baby food, but now that she is eating table food she likes these. Go figure. They are good to send as her vegetable for MDO. I know she can eat it by herself without making a huge mess.


We ran to the mall one evening this week to return something for Josh. While we were there we made a quick stop at THe Children’s Place. Jillian did a little shopping!


I never shop there for her, but couldn’t pass-up seersucker dress with rosettes for the spring/summer!

Jillian has loved taking pictures of herself with my phone this week! :)


I walked past the dishwasher right after lunch one day this week and realized that Jillian stuck a piece of cheese from her lunch on there. Just keeping it real! :)


Also, just another picture of how together I have been this week…I cleaned these out of my car. They were all empty water sippy cups from church.  Brody takes 2 cups sometimes so that explains a few of them, but for the most part I completely slacked on this job this week! I’m a work in progress! :)


Brody and I played “baseball” during Jillian’s nap one day this week. He wanted to wear this box as a hat while we played! It sort of looked like a dunce hat! :)


We had MOPS yesterday and our topic was on marriage. I had the girls make these frames for their craft. I printed off several colors of the chevron from Sarah’s blog for them to choose from. You just write on the frame with dry erase marker so you can change what you love about them each day. I encouraged the ladies to use it over the next few weeks to leave their husbands encouraging notes!


Today, the kids had Valentine’s parties at MDO. Instead of just sending little valentines, I had Holly make these adorable cookies. Then I bagged the cookies and attached a little card to each of them for their friends.


I’m heading to tackle the laundry and a few other things around here! Hope you all have a great day!


Randi said...

we have an "i love you" board and I think my husband writes on it more than I do! :) It's so much fun!!

Love from Texas said...

How funny... Hadley would never eat those pouches when she was on baby food either. Target had the Nature's Child applesauce ones on sale yesterday, so I decided we'd give them another try. She LOVES them, and I sent one in her school lunch today :) I'll have to get some of the veggie ones now.

Anonymous said...

jillian is getting so big! love the dress. I love that black frame too! and those cookies are adorable~!

Superchikk said...

Caedmon begs for the applesauce pouches and I love using the baby food pouches for Honor when we are on the go.

Audrey said...

Since they were for MOPS, I know you prob were on a I was wondering where you found the frames? If you indeed bought these and had to stick to a reasonable price, I'd love to know where you found them because it looks like a nice frame!

Jennifer said...

Audrey-The frames were from the Dollar Tree and were each $1!

Angie said...

Love that seersucker dress!

Kal is freaked out by those pouches! Ha! I try all the time, because how convenient, but nothing so far. Bummer!

Love Sarah's print! Such a wonderful idea!

The cookies are adorable!!! So cute!

Sarah-Anne said...

Sounds like an exciting week! You and your kiddos have the best adventures :)

Sara said...

What a cute craft:)

And seriously, how does cheese stick to everything?! I have found it in the strangest places in our house!

The Allens said...

Dress was a must buy!

Alex and Jill said...

Love that sweet dress.

Amelia loves squeezable fruits and I love them too - because she can eat them without making a mess. :)

Audrey said...

Thanks Jennifer!

Nicole said...

Love the dress!!!! I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one with 39 cups in the care every once in awhile!! ;)