Monday, February 27, 2012

Our Weekend

I already posted about our Friday night, but wanted to post a few pictures from the rest of our weekend!

Saturday afternoon, we went to a birthday party for our friend, Jack! It was an indoor swimming party, which was such a fun activity for all the kids to get to do in February! Jillian rocked her little tutu swimsuit! I snagged this at Target on Thursday afternoon when I remembered she didn’t have a swimsuit that fit as she has grown quite a bit since the summer.


The party was at our local Boys and Girls Club. How fun does this look? The kids had a blast!

DSC_0182 (640x428)

After swimming, we all went to a side room and had cupcakes and watched Jack open gifts.

DSC_0181 (640x428)

Our kiddos were asleep early that night! I always love that swimming wears them out! :)

Sunday morning, we went to church! I was on day 5 of wearing glasses! This crazy weather/allergies is not a good combination with my contacts! My eyes itch!!

DSC_0192 (640x428)

Because we serve/attend the 8:30 service on Sundays, we are home by 10:00, so we have all day to play! Jillian enjoyed riding her pink little riding toy yesterday!


Last night, the Greens came over for dinner! I asked Brody to clean-up the toys that he, Jillian and Payne had been playing with during the evening. We noticed Brody’s idea and our idea of cleaning-up looked a little different! The floor in both his and Jillian’s room was free of toys and completely cleaned-up, but all of the toys were in Jillian’s crib! Ha! He even put his comforter in her bed! :)


Giving Payne a little hug before he left the house! Payne looks thrilled! :) I love watching these 2 interact!


Hope your week has gotten off to a great start!


Megan said...

I'm so jealous that you are home by 10 on Sundays!!! Also, Brody and I have similar cleaning styles.

In this wonderful life... said...

that pool does look fun!! glad you guys had a good weekend! That first pic of Jillian in the tutu swimsuit is so cute!

Sarah-Anne said...

One of my favorote birthday parties I went to was a inside pool party! They look so cute in their little bathing suits!

Nancy said...

What a neat pool! I bet the kids had so much fun!

Maryellen said...

Jennifer I know how you feel with your eyes. Mine are feeling the same way. Mind don't seem to itch but they tear water all day.
I had to stop wearing any eye makeup at all. People think I'm crying. Gotta love allergies !

Sarah said...

is that a chevron comforter? if so where did u purchase it?

Cindy said...

This is a bit random ... but I share your horrible allergy trouble (only while living in Arkansas, though). My most frustrating effect is the effect on my eyes. I've fought this for years and years. Last summer, I tried a new (to me) nasal spray called Veramyst ( I was skeptical, but it not only helped my nose and congestion but also my eyes more than anything else ever had. Just a thought if you are looking for something new to try!

Heather said...

OH My gosh! Two things about this post. My favorite part is that Brody 'cleaned up'- I died laughing when you mentioned he even put his comforter in Jillian's crib... and second I Love the little tutu that Jillian is wearing in the first picture! Reminds me of dance class :) She's just adorable and has the sweetest smile!