Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Our Valentine’s Day

We had a super sweet Valentine’s Day! We spent the morning at church at Bible study, then came home that afternoon and got ready for a fun night at the house…just the 4 of us!

While I worked on getting things ready for dinner, Brody painted some Valentine’s pictures for us to hang-up! He was so proud, and he was so covered in paint that he had to take a bath as soon as he was finished! :)

DSC_0255 (430x640)

Jillian was SO excited to see her favorite Valentine when he got home from work! Have you ever seen such a cheesy smile? She is hilarious!

DSC_0258 (640x428)

She wasn’t wanting a picture with me!

DSC_0262 (640x428)

Brody helped me make his and Jillian’s heart-shaped sandwiches for dinner.

DSC_0257 (428x640)

We love our heart-shaped cookie cuter! It’s used all year long!

DSC_0265 (640x428)

We all ate together and wore our pajamas. I fixed pesto chicken stuffed shells for Josh and I, but I wish I had just made breakfast for dinner for all of us. I think heart-shaped pancakes in our pajamas are a must for next Valentine’s Day!

DSC_0275 (640x426)

We all exchanged cards/gifts while we ate. Brody loved his Diego card!

DSC_0281 (428x640)

He helped Jillian open her card!

DSC_0282 (428x640)

And Jillian loved her princess card, too!

DSC_0286 (640x428)

Here are our precious babies last Valentine’s Day! Jillian was almost 5 months old and Brody was 28 months old. They have both changed so much since last year!


Valentine’s Day sure have changed since we have had kids, but there is no where I would rather spend Valentine’s night than at home with the 3 people I love the most!


Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Jillian and Josh! She looks so happy!

Jennifer said...

Random question, but do you know the name of your glasses? I am in the hunt for a new pair, new look and yours are sooo cute!

Whitney said...

Jennifer -

I love reading your blog! I am a friend of Ashley Lancaster's from Cape Girardeau, MO and found you through her. I have only recently started blogging (within the last year...since our daughter was born last March). Anyway - I feel like a crazy stalker asking this, and I promise I'm a pretty normal person...haha! But...for those people who are newer to reading your blog, would you ever consider doing a post giving us background on your where you went to school, how you met Josh, how you decided to stay home with kids, etc. You may have posted about this awhile back, but since you probably have new followers since then, I just thought it would be fun to read. that I sound like a crazy woman I'll stop! =)

Alex and Jill said...

Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day to me! :) We usually make reservations somewhere but this year - we were home in our pjs too. Oh how times have changed!

Love those two kiddos of yours...they are precious.