Sunday, January 29, 2012

photo-a-day: week 4


January22 (421x485)

January 22: Brody looking so big in his tie that he wore to church that morning!

January23 (421x485)

January 23: Jillian was hard at work at Brody’s tool table!

January24 (420x484)

January 24: Snuggling with my girl before her afternoon nap! She was sleepy from a fun morning at Bible study!

DSC_0190 (640x428) (290x333)

January 25: We had our first of many play dates with Preslee Turner!  Jillian looks so big next to this sweet, petite girl!

January26 (422x487)

January 26: Heading out the door for MDO! She looks so big!

January27 (338x392)

January 27: Bowling with my family for my mom’s birthday!

January28 (321x371)

January 28: Jillian, Josh and Brody hanging out while I shopped at a local store this weekend!


Sara said...

Can I say I was laughing as I scrolled down as Jillian was going to town on the tool bench in one picture and then she was ready to go with her purse in the other. I love it!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the snuggling picture. I loved it when JDaniel would do this.