Tuesday, January 24, 2012

photo-a-day: week 3

I’m a little behind, but better late than never!!  A few of you asked how I do these pictures as polaroids. I did a post on how to do this last January when I did one whole week of these pictures, then quit! Ha! You can read it here!


January 15: Brody fell asleep playing with his toys in his room that night.


January 16: Brody and I went to see “Beauty and The Beast” with a few friends. He wasn’t too sure about the beast, but he was really happy at the end when the Beast turned out to be nice.


January 17: We went to Bible study at church and then came home to relax and do things around the house the rest of the afternoon. Brody wanted to cuddle on the couch. I never turn down an opportunity like that with our busy 3 year old!


January 18: Wednesday are our day at home! I love it and look forward to it each week. The kids stayed in their pajamas most of the day and even watched a DVD together in Brody’s room. This sweet moment lasted for approximately 45 seconds. :)


January 19: The weather was so nice and warm that we delayed afternoon naps after MDO and enjoyed some time outside!


January 20: We spent the morning at playgroup, then met some small group friends for lunch! Jillian rocked her ruffled shirt and cardi that day! :)


January 21: Josh went to coffee early with a couple of friends from church, then came home and snuggled and read to Jillian! She has him around her little finger! :)


Katie said...

Love these snapshots of your week, Jennifer!

Sarah-Anne said...

Such a neat way to display the daily photos!

Sara said...

Did he watch the movie without the glasses? I was thinking about taking Bryce because he loved Beauty and the Beast but I know he will not wear the glasses!

The Wallace Family said...

Your pictures are so cute and your babies are adorable!

Jill said...

I am loving this! I don't usually say anything. Jillian is so looking like you in the pic with yall together...I've never really thought so before until now. Funny, how quickly kids can change!

The Tesdalls said...

I just love your pictures! I wish I was doing this!!

The Samy's said...

Hi Jennifer!
total random question but where dod you get Brody's bedding from?
Thanks so much for your time,