Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Our day in iPhone Pictures…

These two containers of hairspray got our morning off to a crazy start!

IMG_1394 (478x640)

We had plans to meet some church friends for breakfast this morning. While Jillian and Brody played in the living room, I finished getting dressed. I kept hearing this spraying noise that sounded just like hairspray being sprayed. I was finishing up doing my hair at the time and saw that I had my big can of Freeze-It on the bathroom counter, so I decided the noise wasn’t hairspray and maybe it was Brody just making noises with his mouth. I finished getting ready and when I walked into the living room, the fumes and spell of hairspray just hit me in the face! Jillian was sitting on the floor and Brody was standing over her with the little travel can of hairspray (that I forgot I had) spraying her hair!!! He basically used most of the can on her hair and it was completely stiff!!! Their clothes, the hardwood floor, and his hair were also completely covered in hairspray!! I was trying not to laugh at the entire situation, but it really was hilarious! :) I changed both of their clothes and did what I could with their hair really quickly so that we could go meet our friends. There was no time for a bath. Jillian seriously looked like she had a greasy, slicked comb-over all day! Ha! Thank goodness for a bow! Oh, and that was Brody’s second change of clothes because the first one happened after an accident, not of the peeing nature, earlier in the morning! I accumulated quite a pile of laundry by 8:45 this morning! :)

We met our friends to eat! It was a fun morning visiting with friends, letting the kids play, and enjoying some great food and coffee!

Jillian was taking off her shoes so that she could put Taylor’s shoes on her feet!

IMG_4695 (478x640)

Jillian and Mollie!

IMG_9188 (478x640)

We ran several errands after breakfast and then came home to eat lunch. After lunch, I gave both kids a bath and finally got all the crusted hairspray out of their hair! I took this funny picture of Jillian’s hair when I was washing it. I cannot believe how long it is getting! :)

IMG_2400 (640x478)

While the kids napped, I knocked-out some things on my to-do list, one of which included finishing up some details for our MOPS craft project for tomorrow. I ended-up using a back-up plan, but I think (and hope) it’s going to be super cute. I will share details tomorrow with you all! This is the fabric we are using for the project.


Also, I keep forgetting to blog about this, but thought today was a good day since I was posting iPhone pictures…

IMG_2910 (478x640)

This is an awesome devotional book that I started using this year along with my reading plan for my quiet time. I’m sure a lot of you have heard of it or may even be using it as well, but if you aren’t and you are looking for something to use this year, I would highly recommend you buy this book! I noticed that they even have the book as an app that you can buy for $9.99 and it includes the entire year of devotions for you to read on your phone.

I hope you all have great evening!


Muffy said...

Jillian is SO SO cute. What a funny story.

SSS said...

Jesus Calling is awesome. You're the second person to have posted about it today!

All About the Armes' said...

I love Jesus Calling! It is awesome!

Jennifer said...

I'll have to look into that devotional. Your day sounds a lot like mine......=) Oh the joys!

Day Old News said...

Oh wow, I will definitely download that book, that will be perfect for at the dog park when I'm done with my daily scripture. Thanks for the suggestion &, as always, the kids are so presh!!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

I am trying not to laugh at the hairspray story but it is hysterical! He was just trying to help you all get ready!

I started Jesus Calling this year too and am probably blogging about it today, too. It is SO GOOD!

Oh and I really like the MOPS craft today, too. I will need it for the several books I now feel like I need to buy and read. (: