Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas with our families

We spent Christmas night with my family at my parents’ house! Brody was SO excited about all the gifts under the tree!

DSC_1134 (640x428)

DSC_1136 (428x640)

Jillian LOVED the clothes she got from Jill and Brandon. She kept hugging them!

DSC_1142 (640x428)

Big Daddy helping her with her new baby doll.

DSC_1147 (640x428)

Brandon, Jill and Josh opening gifts

DSC_1150 (640x428)

Jillian walked her new stroller all over the house!

DSC_1152 (640x428)

Jill and Brandon-Their first married Christmas!

DSC_1161 (640x428)

Jillian and Gigi-Big cheesy smile!

DSC_0007 (640x428)

Our happy (or not so happy) little family!

DSC_0024 (640x428)

We made the 3 hours trip to see Josh’s parents on the day after Christmas. It was nice to get to have Christmas with them after the rush of Christmas weekend. We spent a couple of days at their house!

Silly girl!

DSC_0029 (640x428)

She loved opening her gifts from Mimi and Poppy.

DSC_0035 (640x428)

Josh’s parents opening a gift from us.

DSC_0039 (640x428)

Brody got a robot…

DSC_0056 (428x640)

and a new guitar!

DSC_0062 (640x428)

The four of us!

DSC_0109 (640x427)

That sweet smile is deceiving sometimes! ;)

DSC_0104 (431x640)

This picture makes me laugh every time I see it! I was trying to take a picture of Jillian and kept asking her to smile and she took off running into another room. I followed her and this is how I found her. I guess she had enough picture taking for one weekend, so she hid from me! Haha!

DSC_0091 (640x428)

We seriously had the BEST time this Christmas! Brody is at such a fun age and everything was so exciting for him this year, which made it even more fun for us! Jillian has grown so much in a year and we loved watching her enjoy Christmas this year, too! I sometimes can’t believe we have been blessed with two sweet, adorable kids. We just love them to pieces and enjoyed every single memory we made with them this Christmas season.


The Long's said...

Your family is beautiful!! So glad you had such a great Christmas!! Totally random, but where did you get Brody's shirt? Happy New Year!!

Megan said...

Your family is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! So glad you all had such a wonderful Christmas! Totally random, but where did you find Brody's shirt? Happy New Year!!