Saturday, January 21, 2012

Afternoon Fun

It’s been unseasonably warm this past week! To be honest, it hasn’t really felt like winter all month…which I’m totally ok with! :) We are loving the warmer temperatures and so thankful we have been able to get out and do things that we usually never get to do in January!

I picked the kids up from MDO on Thursday and it was almost 60 degrees outside, so we ran by Sonic to get some ice cream ( a reward for Brody for something he had done the day before), came home, changed into play clothes, and headed outside. It was actually the kids’ naptime, but I just couldn’t stand the thought of the 3 of us not enjoying the beautiful weather. Sometimes you just have to be flexible, and this was one of those days! :)

Little sister benefited from Brody’s reward!

DSC_0157 (640x428) (2)

She has gotten SO good at using spoons and forks when eating! She loved getting to practice her skills with the ice cream!

DSC_0154 (428x640) (2)

This was Jillian’s first time to really play outside! We haven’t played outside since the fall and she wasn’t walking then, so she usually sat on a blanket or in her exersaucer. It was so fun getting to watch her run around the yard and play with all of Brody’s toys.

DSC_0215 (640x429)

I think we will need to get a second car before the spring! They both love this thing so much!

DSC_0164 (640x428) (2)

Driving! She kept cutting her eyes back like this to make sure Brody wasn’t coming after her. Story of her life! :)

DSC_0186 (640x428) (640x428)

Brody decided he needed to bring out almost all the toys in his room to play with outside. This was super fun to take back inside! :)

DSC_0233 (640x428)

Hope you have a great weekend!


GreenGirl said...

We got snow and ice this morning here in Philly! We also are supposed to get 60 degrees on Monday!

Sarah-Anne said...

It has been so unseasonably warm here as well...I want snow!

His Doorkeeper said...

We bought that little Tyke's car for Harper to keep at our house and she has "driven" it many many miles!
Best $50 we've spent! Hope Hollis will enjoy it too when she gets big enough!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

I'm jealous of your sun as it's a winter wonderland here in Seattle!

The Rohman Family said...

We are loving the warm winter in Tennessee, too!

Jessica said...

Ha! Love the picture of J on the look out for Brody! I think we must be getting your snow plus all of ours!! Snow every single day!!

Alex and Jill said...

Love the one of Jillian cutting her eyes back to see if B was coming. LOL

Maria said...

Florida weather is sooo muggy and humid! It's hard playing outside when it's 80 degrees in Winter. But we recently visited NC and loved the cool, yet playful, weather! Glad you all took advantage of the nice temps :)

Hattie said...

Jillian is so stinkin' adorable!!! Looks like they had a blast playing outside! We really haven't had much of a Winter here in TX either this year. My boys are loving it, me not so much!!! I'm a cold weather kind of gal!!!