Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Last night, we took dinner to Matt and Julee. Brody went with me to deliver the meal. While we were there, he got to hold Preslee for the first time! He did such a great job and was very careful with her. I’m realizing how much he has grown in a year because he was never really interested in holding Jillian this time last year. If he did hold her, it didn’t last for long and he wasn’t always very gentle. :)

Sweet boy! He kept telling us, “She’s so cute!”

DSC_0616 (429x640)

After spending a little time with Preslee, he was ready to chase Romeo around the house!

DSC_0613 (640x428)

I go to a Women’s Discipleship Class on Tuesday morning at church. This week, we talked about fostering and adoption. Josh was asked to come to speak to our class about his adoption. He was adopted at 2 days old. I am so proud of him for sharing! It’s a great story that he will hopefully share on here one day soon!


After Bible study, Brody, Jillian and I went to eat with my friend, Holly, and her 2 kids. Our boys are a few months apart in age and our girls are 3 weeks apart. Our lunches together are always crazy, but we always have great time with their family!

Jillian and Taylor eating lunch!

DSC_0627 (640x428)

Brody is still doing GREAT with potty training! We seriously cannot get over how easy this is when you wait until they are ready! He woke-up dry after sleeping through the night last night and woke-up dry from his nap. He also used the potty at church this morning. He is SO proud of himself and we are so proud of him, too! We started a sticker chart this week for potty training! (Source for chart)

DSC_0605 (640x441)

Funny story…when he finishes using the bathroom he says, “Mommy and Daddy, lets go to the kitchen and jump up and down!” The first few times he used the bathroom, we jumped up and down and apparently started something! :)

I’m about to head to the store with a HUGE list for another freezer meal swap this week! There are 6 of us participating this time, so I will have 12 freezer meals to store in our freezer on Friday. I’m looking forward to enjoying the Christmas season and not cooking much the rest of the month!!

Hope y’all had a great day!


Katie said...

That jump up and down comment is hilarious!

Shaunda said...

Haha! We must jump each time too now :) Whatever it takes!

Katie said...

So glad Brody is doing well with potty training! That's awesome.

Linda said...

Jennifer, I had no idea Josh is adopted. I guess there's no reason I should know until now but we love adoption stories in our family. Our first granddaughter is adopted and we have no idea what we'd do without her--she's so special. Our daughter-in-law wrote a poem to each of her girls--two biological and the one who is adopted--and the poems are "You Grew in My Tummy" and "You Grew in My Heart." I get teary just thinking about it. Hope he shares his story soon.

JESSICA said...

I completely agree about waiting until children are ready...
My oldest son was 3½, my middle son was 3 yrs., 3 months, and my daughter was 2 years, 2 months. (Such a difference between boys & girls - get ready!) Each one was ready on their own terms, and each one pretty much potty trained themselves. It took no more than a week, they never had accidents, and we never used Pull-Ups. It was pure greatness!
Thanks for sharing, and thanks for being another mommy who knows that just because a doctor or book tells you "it's time", doesn't mean it's the right time. :)

Anonymous said...

First time commenter, I was adopted at 9 mos. old and my sister was 4 mos. old from different Foster Mom's.


Nicole said...

I would love to hear about Josh's adoption when he is ready to share! We adopted our 2 year old son when he was a day old and we are in the process to adopt again!

Great job ob the potty training!!

Jennifer Gilbert Settle said...

A freezer meal swap?! Now that just sounds like heaven!

Linds said...

I've noticed the difference with Brayden and babies too. He never much cared for Connor, and when he did, he was SO rough. Now he LOVES babies and always wants to hold them. It makes me want another one... sort of ;)

I need potty training wisdom... how did you know he was ready??? Brayden is showing signs but it's hit and miss still. Should I just wait completely until he's 3???

Wolfpacker's Angel said...

I read your blog everyday, but rarely comment. I would love to hear your husband's adoption story. We adopted our son when he was 9 days old (he's 14 months now) and I would love to know the best way to talk to him about being adopted and making him feel secure and confident in his birth story.

Maria said...

I'm a long time reader and first time commenter (found your blog through Katie). You have a beautiful family and I enjoy reading about Brody and Jillian's development.
Yay, for Brody potty training himself! I need to remember this for when my son is old enough (now 10 mo.).
I would love if you shared more recipes from the meal swap. Last time you did this I copied them, but have yet to use them. Thanks!