Monday, December 5, 2011

Riffraff Giveaway Winner

First, the winner of the Riffraff Giveaway is Karah! Thanks to everyone who entered the giveaway. Make sure you check their Facebook page often for the latest items that have been added to their store. They also update Twitter with new merchandise @ShopRiffraff.

We had a great day yesterday! We went to church yesterday morning and I put Jillian in Christmas clothes for the first time this season.

DSC_0607 (428x640)

I got this dress at the at end of December last year. Jillian was 3 months old then and was in the 95th percentile for weight at the time, so I assumed she would be a big girl this Christmas and bought her an 18 month in the dress. Turns out she is petite and is only wearing 12 month clothing right now. This dress is a little big, but I thought it still looked cute on her!

DSC_0624 (428x640)

After church, we finally decorated the tree. It’s been up most of the week, but I just haven’t taken the time to decorate it. Brody loved getting to help. I love how excited he is about Christmas this year! It makes the season even more exciting to experience it with him.

DSC_0645 (428x640)

Since we were working the nursery yesterday morning, we didn’t get to go into service, so we went back last night to actually attend the service. After church, we met Jill and Brandon to eat pizza. Jill kept the kids entertained while we waited on our pizza. (I think Brody and Jillian look a lot alike in this picture.)


This weekend, Brody suddenly decided he wanted to use the big potty. No, our 3 year old still wasn’t potty trained, and not from a lack of trying on our part. He just wasn’t interested. We tried multiple times to potty train and tried all the recommended methods, and nothing worked. Finally, my friends just told me to wait until it was his idea and assured me it would happen. Sure enough, they were right. He woke-up Saturday morning with a dry diaper and used the potty all day on Saturday and Sunday with no accidents. He woke-up dry from his naps and dry from sleeping through the night. We don’t even have to ask him to go to the bathroom. He just tells us when he needs to go! It’s been so great and SO easy!!!

DSC_0677 (640x428)

We told Sarah and Ryan about it at church yesterday and they were so sweet to get him a surprise for all his success this weekend. We stopped by the house last night to pick-up the surprise which was Whoppers and some glow bracelets. He was thrilled! I’m hoping he continues to do well this week and we make a lot more progress!

Hope you all had a great day!


Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Wahoo! Go Brody!

Erica, Chris, and Kinsler said...

Yea for Brody!!!!!!!!

Diane said...

That is exactly what happened with Dillon. One day he just decided to go in the big potty and he went. Love it!

Angel said...

That is EXACTLY what my little boy did. We bought him a potty and tried all the methods-nothing worked. He woke up one day and decided he was going to use the bathroom, just like you said!

It was our easiest milestone yet!

Kathryn said...

So happy for Brody's big accomplishment! Can you share what kind of mesh you used and how you put it on your tree? Your tree is AMAZING :)

Alyssa said...

WTG, Brody with the pottying! It really is so much easier to let them take the lead. We did this with our son and within 2 weeks of him being ready, he was completely accident-free.

Anonymous said...

Congrats brody! all the pics are adorable! love jillians dress!

This is the day! said...

I think it's better to let them be ready too! Way to go Brody.
I also have a question for you, I am going to be the coordinator of our mops group next year and am trying to find different speaker ideas. I've read that you help at Mops and was wondering what your favorite speaker meeting ideas have been. This is my fifth year in Mops and we are trying to find some new ideas for next year.
Your family is precious, enjoy the holidays with them!

Dianna said...

Way to go Brody! The dress is adorable on Jillian!