Monday, December 19, 2011

Picture with Santa

Last Thursday evening, we took Brody and Jillian to have their picture taken with Santa. We were both interested to see how Jillian react when she saw Santa. You can tell from the picture that he didn’t scare her, but he also didn’t really impress her! :) Brody, on the other hand, loved Santa! He practically talked his ear off!

I cannot believe how big our babies are this year! Look at our boy’s cheesy smile! Ha!

pic with santa

This is last years picture…Jillian was right at 3 months old and Brody was 26 months old.


Brody in 2009- He was 14 months old. This may forever be my favorite Santa picture! He posed like that and we laughed until we almost cried!

Santa pic 2009

This was in 2008- Brody was only 2 months old! I feel like this picture was taken just the other day! It’s crazy how quickly time flies!

santa pic 2008

I love having these sweet pictures to look back on each year and see how our sweet kids have grown from year to year.

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Melissa said...

So cute! Our Brody is not real crazy about Santa so we always get pictures right before he jumps down or has had enough. Looking back at Santa pictures is such fun as they get older.

Ashley said...

Brody hasn't changed a bit! SO sweet!

Kelly's Avenue said...

Love the pictures over the years!!! Too cute

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Love Brody's sweet smile in that picture! It is fun to look at all of them together. (:

Sarah-Anne said...

jillian looks like she still isn't sure about Santa but Brody is loving it!

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