Sunday, December 11, 2011

Our Weekend

We had a fun, busy weekend!

We made a quick (less than 24 hour) trip to see Josh’s parents this weekend. They live 3 hours from us, so we got down there Friday night and spent the day with them on Saturday.

DSC_0772 (640x428)

Josh’s dad will be 70 on Monday, so his mom hosted a birthday party for him at their house on Saturday afternoon.

DSC_0711 (640x428)

We had lots of great food and were able to visit with a lot of his parents’ friends that we had not seen in a while!

DSC_0728 (640x428)

The party was during part of the kids’ naptime, but they both woke-up in time to enjoy part of the party! This girl had a great time! Can you tell?

DSC_0747 (428x640)

She is walking all over the place now, so she made her way around the party yesterday and  begged for food off of guests’ plates! :)

DSC_0751 (428x640)

My very talented friend, Holly, decided she would just teach herself how to decorate sugar cookies a month or two ago. She does such a great job and every single cookie I have seen that she has made is SO stinking cute! I had her make some cookies for party favors. Aren’t these great? They taste as good as they look, too. If you are local, you need to order cookie from her for your next party!

DSC_0678 (640x428)

I put the cookies in little bags and tied them up so that each guest could take one home with them.

DSC_0735 (640x428)

Brody had a great time at the party, too! I think he loved having lots of people to talk to during the party.

DSC_0766 (428x640)

As soon as the party was over, we hopped in our car and headed to my dad’s extended family Christmas. I always enjoy spending time with this side of my dad’s family.

Brody had a great time with my grandma!

DSC_0778 (640x428)

He was completely amused by the blow-up Grinch!

DSC_0786 (640x428)

My dad and all his cousins all had girls, so there were 7 girls 10 and under there last night and Brody! He is definitely outnumbered with all his girl cousins!

DSC_0791 (640x428)

Sarah, Avery, Adeline, and Jillian

DSC_0790 (640x428)

My grandma ended the night by painting finger nails…Brody skipped out on the fun! :)

DSC_0792 (640x428)

We left Christmas and drove 3 hours back home. We got home around 10:30. We had such a great weekend with all of our family! I am so thankful for such great family to celebrate with this time of year.

Hope y’all had a great weekend!


Diane said...

Sounds fun but exhausting! However, tis the season! ;)

The Anglin Family said...

Are these Benton cookies or NWA cookies?;) I figured you got them and brought them with you to Benton, but they are really cute!!

Summer said...

Brody's expression with the Grinch is priceless! Jillian is just a doll! I love her outfit! OMG she looks like she is just walking all over the place! LOL that she was getting food from the guests she is so cute she has already figured it girl lol! Love those cookies so cute...wish someone made them in WV lol...Glad Josh's dad had a great b-day! OMG Brody is totally outnumbered with girl cousins huh! How funny, I don't blame him to opt out of nail painting hahahhah!


Rebekah said...

I want Holly to teach me how to make those cookies! I have heard about her magic, but never seen it! OH MY WORD!!! Are they as tasty as they are cute?! Because they are amazing cute! Glad it was a fun weekend with family!

All About the Armes' said...

I love those cookies! Super cute!

JenniferDAllen said...

Those cookies were beautiful , so was the party! Don't know how i didnt realize Jillian's monogram read JFK like the president too cute!

Sarah-Anne said...

spending time with family is one of the best parts of Christmas to me!