Sunday, December 4, 2011

Miss Patty Cake

Yesterday morning, we went to a Happy Birthday, Jesus breakfast at church featuring Miss Patty Cake!

Miss Patty Cake

The kids got to wear Christmas pajamas to the breakfast. Brody wore his reindeer pajamas and looked so big!

DSC_0636 (428x640)

We had a great time eating breakfast together. Jillian sat in a big chair and ate her breakfast at the table.

DSC_0626 (429x640)

And she was all smiles while we were there!

DSC_0642 (428x640)

Love these boys!

DSC_0654 (640x428)

And I love my baby girl!

DSC_0647 (640x428)

After breakfast, Miss Patty Cake took the stage! The kids loved her!

DSC_0668 (640x405)

We had such a fun morning together!

 DSC_0673 (640x409)

I love getting to make lots of fun memories as a family this time of year!


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Hope you all have a great Sunday!


Anonymous said...

I had never heard of Miss Patty Cake. I had to go research a little about her. I love her! I wish wonderful people like that came to our town where I live.

I have been reading your blog since Brody was a only a few months old. I came over here from Kelly's Korner. The last name sparked my interest, my maiden name Francis.

The children are beautiful.

Jessica said...

Miss patty cake is wonderful! She came to Texarkana when Jake was in prek. He just loved her. We use her stuff in the toddler department at our church as well. So glad y'all had a good time.

Jennifer said...

Love ms. Patty cake!! Looks like fun!!!

Montse said...

Brody's haircut turned out pretty good. He looks really handsome and Jillian is just a doll.

CJA said...

love the Happy Birthday Jesus Breakfast, I was telling my girls at my church about it, SUCH a great idea. I am your new follower :) I would love a follow back