Saturday, December 10, 2011

Bliss Cupcake Cafe

The kids and I went to a fun little blogger/Twitter meet-up at Bliss Cupcake Cafe yesterday morning. Bliss is on the square in Fayetteville and is such a fun little place to visit! Our family loves any excuse to stop at Bliss for a cupcake! What is even more fun for us is that some of our friends own Bliss, so we love getting a chance to support their wonderful business.

These were all the yummy flavors they offered on Friday that we got to sample…Chocolate Milkshake, Red Velvet, Lavender Honey, Pumpkin Spice, Carrot Cake, Neapolitan, and German Choc Cake. They also had a Gluten Free Blueberry that Brody loved!  They post their cupcake selection each day on their Facebook page and on Twitter.

DSC_0614 (640x429)

Jillian Kate was trying to reach the cupcakes! She knows the good stuff when she sees it!

DSC_0613 (640x428)

Rebekah was helping Brody choose a cupcake

DSC_0620 (428x640)

Can you tell he was enjoying his cupcake? :)

DSC_0604 (640x446)

Stella, Cilla and Brody- Loves these 3 cuties!

DSC_0635 (640x428)

And how cute is Cilla’s outfit? Perfect for a morning eating cupcakes with friends!

DSC_0621 (428x640)

Miles and Brody go to the same MDO and are a month apart in age. They had a great time together! Miles is such a sweet boy!

DSC_0631 (640x427)

Jillian loved her Bliss cupcake!

DSC_0640 (428x640)

Melissa and Grayson

DSC_0646 (428x640)

Sydney and Stella

DSC_0647 (427x640)

Shannon stopped by to visit for a few minutes and grabbed a cupcake to go!

DSC_0649 (428x640)

Taylor and Grace- Brody had a great time playing with Grace!

DSC_0651 (428x640)

Jillian and Emily-Emily went to college with Josh and me and I have loved that she is up here and I get to see her more often! She is so sweet!

DSC_0660 (640x428)

Kelly, Hollis, Jillian and me-Notice how Jillian is eyeing Hollis’s bow…

DSC_0658 (640x428)

She would not stop trying to take it off her Hollis’s head! Seriously!! She was being a little toot!

DSC_0659 (640x428)

I think she was just jealous that Hollis had a bigger bow on than she did! Hollis-we are sorry that you were tortured by Jillian! :)

DSC_0655 (640x428)

If you live in NWA, you have to stop by Bliss soon for a cupcake! You will not be disappointed!


Sarah-Anne said...

those last pictures are too funny! cupcakes sounds oh so good right now ;)

Linds said...

the bow grabbing is hilarious. JK is truly a southern gal with that bow envy :)

The Kinards! said...

LOVE Jillian's dress!!!!! Perfect for Christmas!! May I ask where you got it?? :)
email is

Emily said...

Glad I was able to capture those awesome bow shots. :)