Sunday, November 27, 2011

Happy Birthday, Big Daddy!

Yesterday was my dad’s birthday! To celebrate, our family met for dinner, then headed to a nearby bowling alley to bowl!

I told Brody on Friday that we needed to get something for my dad for his birthday and Brody insisted he get to pick out a gift. We went to Target and Brody told me he thought Big Daddy would like a new toy, so we walked-up and down every toy aisle until he found the perfect gift. Brody was so excited for my dad to open his gift. He bought him a Diego play set. I know it was what my dad had been wishing he would get for his birthday! Ha! Brody was so excited and so proud of his gift!

DSC_0397 (640x428)

Jillian Kate was so excited to be at the bowling ally! I loved her little outfit! This was one of shirts I got her at H&M when we were in Chicago.

DSC_0403 (430x640)

This was Brody’s first time to bowl and he looked so big in his bowling shoes!

DSC_0413 (428x640)

We are a crazy bunch!

DSC_0423 (640x428)

Where’s Jillian?

DSC_0434 (640x428)

Jill and Brandon-It was so fun that our entire family went bowling together! We have never done that until last night.

DSC_0458 (640x428)

Brody bowled a strike! We couldn’t believe it! We were not using any bumper pads so this was extra impressive. I love this picture because he is looking at us trying to figure out why we are all going crazy!

DSC_0452 (640x427)

The strike on the score board!

DSC_0453 (640x428)

After bowling, we headed back to our house for cookie cake. Brody told my mom that he thought my dad needed a golf themed cake, so that’s what she ordered. Obviously, he loves a golf-themed party! :)

DSC_0467 (640x428)

Happy Birthday, Big Daddy! We love you and are so thankful for you!

DSC_0463 (429x640)

Hope you all have  a great Sunday!


nicole@ said...

Jillian is so cute. Where did you get her shoes? I have a daughter a few days younger than Jillian and they would look so cute on her. Her clothes are so cute . I wish we had a h&m here.

Kelly's Avenue said...

Happy Birthday to your dad!!!! What a fun time y'all had

H.i.D. said...

Hi. If I may ask, wher did u get her grey flower headband ? Thnx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to your dad. Looks like he had a fantastic celebration. Jillian is adorable. I love her headband. How sweet of Brody. I'm sure that toy meant the world to your daddy. Glad you had such a wonderful day celebrating your father!!!