Wednesday, November 9, 2011


Wow! I got behind on blogging without even realizing it! It’s been a little crazy/busy around here the past few days, so I haven’t spent much time on the computer. Here are a few random things that I either wanted y’all to know about or I want to remember!

First, our friend, Flint, has a website that is about all things related to college football! They have a section on their site that is dedicated to great tailgating recipes. Flint featured one of my recipes yesterday. Make sure you check it out here. Also, they have an entire section on the site dedicated to women. It has great articles that include football terminology to impress the men in your life, gift ideas, tailgating tips, game day attire, and more. Visit their site and make sure and send your guys to check it out, too!

The BIG NEWS at our house this week is that Jillian has finally started walking some! She has taken about 2 steps by herself consistently for a few weeks, but last night she took about 8 steps by herself! We were SO excited! What made it even more special was that Brody was the one we were letting her walk to and he was loving it. He would sit in the floor with his arms out and she would walk right to him and then give him a big hug. :) We tried to video it, but we never got a good one. Hopefully, we can catch her doing it again soon! We are so proud of our baby girl! What’s even crazier is that Brody started walking this exact same week two years ago!

Another big, but sad, milestone for Jillian this week was that she bit someone in the church nursery on Sunday. Yes, she did. The best part of the story was that Brody got bit at MDO on Halloween. His bit mark stayed around for several days. It was a big one!


I wasn’t upset that he got bit, but I felt terrible for him and hated that it happened. I know those things happen. I also knew that at some point, I could be a parent of the child doing the biting. Sure enough, not even a week later, Jillian bit another child! Josh and I were actually in the nursery when it happened. She leaned over to hug a child and I think it an attempt to kiss him, she bit his head. I was glad we were in there so we could deal with it immediately. I was also thankful it was the child of some of our closet friends and it was also there 4th child. :) She has been back to the nursery twice since Sunday and hasn’t done that again. Thankfully!

This picture was after church Sunday. Cute, but guilty! Ha!


I am planning on posting a giveaway for local girls later this week and I also have another fun giveaway coming-up from one of my favorite local boutiques! Make sure and check back soon for those!

I hope y’all are having a great week!!


Dianna said...

Poor Brody! That was some bite!!

Jill said...

Yay Jillian! On walking that is! Boo for biting! I'm afraid I might have a biter on my hands soon...I just had to give up nursing my 11 month old b/c she wouldn't stop biting me. Ouchers. Looking forward to seeing a video of Jillian walking...those first steps are so exciting!

Maydelin said...

I`m a teacher and the bites are SOOO normal in this age!! and well maybe even until 4 years ald!! some parents make a BIG deal of this, but is just a face, is good to know that you now that is so normal!!

Cara Beth said...

No wonder you have been busy, girl... you now have TWO kids that are walking!! How exciting!