Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Painting

We went to the pumpkin patch this morning! While we were there, Brody picked two mini pumpkins to bring home. One for him and one for Jillian. I’m still going through the pictures from the pumpkin patch, but I thought I would share pictures of Brody and Jillian painting their mini pumpkins after we got home from the pumpkin patch!

I let them take turns painting in the high chair. That seemed like the safest place for two little ones to use paint! I let Jillian paint with her hands. It was a little messy, but much easier than giving her a paint brush. I didn’t get many pictures of her painting her pumpkin because I had to help hold her hands so that she didn’t lick the paint! :)

DSC_0469 (429x640) (2)

She used pink and blue paint and was really amused by the way her hand looked once she was finished!

DSC_0470 (640x428)

Brody painted with paint brushes. He used red and blue paint for his pumpkin.

DSC_0473 (428x640)

He started out by using one brush for each color…

DSC_0474 (428x640)

And painted with both hands!

DSC_0475 (640x428)

He really enjoyed this little craft!

DSC_0479 (640x428)

Saying “cheese” while posing with his pumpkin! Ha!

DSC_0477 (640x428)

Showing the finished product!

DSC_0476 (640x428)

Little pumpkins all finished and dried!

DSC_0486 (640x428)

This was so much fun for all 3 of us, and now we get to use the pumpkins to decorate our kitchen for the next few days!


Nancy said...

They are beautiful! Babies & Pumpkins!

Ann said...

Cutest thing ever!!! Great pumpkins! I did the painting thing with my nieces and nephew and they coated every inch with paint!! HA!

Abbie said...

Adorable! Love that you put them both in the high chair...great idea!
P.S. I sent you an email. :-)

Katie said...

So cute! I love little pumpkins!

Christa said...

So fun! Love the little pumpkins!