Monday, October 24, 2011

Our Rocking Chair

For my first Christmas, my parents bought me this sweet little rocking chair. I was 10 months old at the time and this little chair was the perfect size for me.


After 26 years and 3 moves, my rocking chair was moved to our house this weekend so that it could be used by my little girl now. I couldn’t be happier!

DSC_0401 (429x640)

For years, my parents continued to move and store this chair so that one day my kids could use this chair. I never fully appreciated it being saved until this weekend when Jillian sat in it for the first time and gave us a big cheesy grin! It melted my heart!

DSC_0400 (430x640)

The finish on the chair is a little scratched, especially on the seat, so we are planning to have it sanded and painted. I really think it would be so cute if it was a light pink and had a cute little monogrammed pillow to match her bedding in the seat.

DSC_0409 (429x640)

Brody has loved getting to rock Jillian in this chair. I’ve tried to get him to sit in it, too, but he keeps telling me that it’s for Jillian. :)

DSC_0395 (428x640)

Thanks, Mom and Dad, for such a sweet and priceless gift! I know Jillian will love this chair as much as I loved it!


Brittney said...

I have a rocking chair that my grandfather got me - it's in Reese's closet because she and her brother tend to make poor choices with it!

I thought about painting it pink, but my mom kind of gave me a horrified look when I mentioned it and I haven't been brave enough to try! I want to see pictures when yours is done!

Savannah said...

What a sweet family momento. I love that you now have it for Jillian to enjoy!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

We have the same sweet rocking chair. Painted with a monogram would be precious.

Day Old News said...

My mom is a rocking chair addict! She always had one in my room, from a baby one like yours, to the pretty blue cushioned one I have still today. I dream of someday having a porch swing so when my mom visits we can swing together as we catch up. :)

Meggie said...

So sweet! My parents also gave me my rocking chair for my little boy to use. It's so neat to have it passed down to my own baby. I love your idea of painting Jillian's and using a monogrammed pillow. So cute!

Katie said...

My grandfather bought my sister two chairs and a table just like your rocking chair! Now Abby uses it.

It's such a sweet piece to have for Jillian. Can't wait to see it after you've painted it!

Missy said...

my parents bought each of my babes a rocking chair for their first christmas'. i love that not only they each have this special gift of their own, but such a wonderful heirloom to pass down....

Adrienne said...

thats sweet of your parents to keep it for all these years.

Nancy said...

Precious! I love pieces like this! I have my parents first bedside table & will hopefully never part with it!