Saturday, October 8, 2011

A few random pictures…

Brody is really into having picnics right now! He calls them “picmics” and asks at least once a week if we can have one in the backyard. The weather has been so nice lately that we have been able to have lots of picnics during lunchtime. Brody also likes to have “reading picmics”. This is when he wants to take a blanket and stack of books outside for us to read (no food)! We have lots of reading picnics during Jillian’s morning nap!

DSC_0358 (640x428)

This spider has been hanging outside of Jillian’s window for weeks! Every time I think she is finally gone, she returns back sometime that next day. We call her Charlotte. :) Jillian can see her from her crib and will stand-up and watch her spin webs!

DSC_0362 (466x640)

The other night, Josh and I heard a loud thump in Brody’s room. We were still awake so Josh just hopped off the couch and went to check and see what could have made that noise. I thought maybe a toy or something had fallen, but it turns out that Brody had rolled right out of his bed. He never even woke-up!

DSC_0359 (428x640)

Brody was so nice to help Jillian into the refrigerator the other morning while I was getting dressed for Bible study. They both helped themselves to a golf cupcake. He has his eaten by the time I got to him, but I caught her red-handed! Ha! She had all her baby dolls around her and was eating away on the green icing when I walked-in! :)

DSC_0368 (640x428)

Jillian has been army crawling since she was 6 months old. About a month ago, she finally decided she would start crawling like normal! Brody did this as well and within about 6 weeks of the time he started crawling like normal he started walking! I’m thinking Jillian is still about a month away from walking, but we are definitely getting closer! :)

DSC_0379 (640x428)

Hope you have a great weekend!!!


Rebekah said...

The cupcake bandits are hilarious!!! The things they come up with when we turn our backs! That is why I have many showerless days and days without any makeup!

Sarah Wyland said...

Oh Jillian is definitely caught red-handed. That's just too cute! And poor Brody, falling out the bed. When I was around his age, I fell out of my bed and landed between the nightstand and the bed and a pillow fell on top of me. I didn't wake up - my parents absolutely had heart attacks. Or so I'm told. :)

Kimberley said...

glad brody was OK, bless his heart! jillian with the cupcake is priceless!! good times :)

Jessica said...

I don't blame them for getting cupcakes! : ) Looks yummy!

Savannah said...

The picnics - food are reading are so sweet. Hopefully he'll still love them just as much when he's 16. :)

The bed and cupcake stories are hilarious! They definitely keep you on your toes and I'm afraid the fun has just begun for you - ha!

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!

Dianna said...

The picture of Brody on the floor made me laugh. Glad he didn't get hurt. Did Jillian get to eat the rest of the cupcake?