Thursday, October 13, 2011

Dr. Brody

After MDO today, we went to see Julee so that Brody could get his hair cut. I let Brody take his new doctor kit into the appointment with him thinking it would help keep him entertained while Julee cut his hair.

On the way into the salon, Brody told me he was going to use his doctor kit to check on Preslee. He said she was sick and wasn’t feeling good! When we walked in the salon he told Julee to sit down on the couch so that he could check Preslee. :) Julee was sweet enough to play along and listened to all the “doctor’s orders!”

Listening to her heartbeat!


Giving her a shot!


And just to make sure the mommy-to-be was healthy, he checked Julee’s ears!


He said after he was finished that “Preslee was all better!” :) Preslee is a lucky girl to have Brody looking out for her already!


Kelly's Avenue said...

Too sweete

Julee said...

I want to remember this forever! Such a sweet hearted boy!!

Lauren said...

How hilarious and so sweet! Kids are fabulous. :-) Preslee will be lucky to have Brody and Jillian watching out for her.

Rebekah said...

LOVE! I want Dr Brody to take care of me next time I am sick!

Dianna said...

So sweet!

Lauren said...

Soooooo cute!!!! :)

Diane said...

Very sweet. Dillon is all the time checking on us with his doctor's kit to make sure we're doing well. :-)

Sarah-Anne said...

this is SO SWEET! i can't believe how caring Brody is for his age. he is precious!