Sunday, October 16, 2011

Busy Weekend

We had another busy, but fun, fall weekend!!

Friday night was FNO at our church, so we dropped the kids off and then headed to a fellowship with our small group! We had a great time eating dinner with our friends. We sat at boy/girl tables and this was the girl table!

DSC_0366 (640x428)

After dinner and dessert, we moved to the living room and played Just Dance on the Wii, Pictionary, and Catch Phrase!

DSC_0373 (640x428)

The guys were pretty serious and competitive during our games! It was such a fun night!

DSC_0375 (640x428)

Saturday morning, Brody and I went to a birthday party for one of our friends, Noah. It was his 2n birthday and we had  a lot of fun getting to celebrate with him!

The party was in Noah’s backyard, which is beside some horse stables. Brody loved getting to see the horse that was out yesterday morning.

DSC_0358 (640x427)

They had a lot of fun riding toys for the kids to play with and this car was Brody’s favorite. I really think he was a little big for it, but he didn’t seem to mind.

DSC_0363 (640x427)

After the party, I took Brody home and then headed to a consignment sale in our area. I have gone a few times, but I haven’t gone since we have had Jillian and I have heard lots of great things about the girl clothing, so I went to check it out. I got tons of great stuff for Jillian! My favorite find was this cute smocked Christmas dress that I got for $10!

DSC_0360 (428x640)

Yesterday afternoon, we headed to another birthday party for Brody’s friend, Hannah! She is turning 3 this week and she had a cute bumble bee themed party!

DSC_0360 (640x428) (640x428)

Her party was at the same place we had Brody’s party 2 weeks ago. Brody loves getting to go there and Jillian has really started enjoying going as well! She and Payne had a fun time together!

DSC_0362 (640x428)

Will, Jack and Brody- These 3 boys crack me up! Will loved his cupcake!

DSC_0370 (640x428)

Brody loved al the yummy snacks at the party!


Sweet Payne eating his cupcake!

DSC_0382 (428x640)

Sarah held Jillian while she ate her cupcake and apparently Jillian thought Sarah might take it away from her so she quickly shoved the cupcake in her mouth…


And this was the end result! Ha! She ate more of the cupcake at Hannah’s party than she did the smash cake at her own party!

DSC_0392 (428x640)

This morning, we went to church! Jillian looked so cute and was so happy this morning! We tried to get Brody to jump in the picture but he said, “No, thanks!” :)

DSC_0381 (428x640)


She is really crazy about Josh right now. When we tell her to say “momma” she says “dada” and then starts laughing!

DSC_0393 (405x640)

Tonight, we had dinner with the Greens at our house! We had a great time with them and Brody and Jillian had fun getting to play with Payne! It’s fun to see the 3 of them interact and play now that Jillian and Payne are older!

Hope you all had a great weekend!


Katie said...

Loved seeing you and Brody yesterday!

Nathan and Megan said...

Jennifer- your family is so precious. Would you mind telling me where you got Brody's green and white check shirt he wore for his birthday? I have looked everywhere with no luck. Thank you! Megan.

Love from Texas said...

Hadley is in such a Daddy stage right now too! She does the same thing and thinks it's so funny...

Day Old News said...

Jillian looks so presh in that pic of her standing with a major smile on her face! Love that!

Jessica said...

Aww, thanks, Jennifer! I'm not sure how long you have been reading our blog, but we built a new home about 4 years ago in Prairie Grove and this house in Detroit is so different. Pros and Cons to an older home, but so much character. I read your blog every week.. but am so bad to comment on anyones anymore. I need to do better. But- I am reading! :) Hope you are doing well with you sweet kiddos! I loved Jillian's birthday party. : ) Have a great week! Take care!

Laura said...

My sweet Alise had that same Christmas dress when she was two. I still have it!