Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Brody’s Party: Sweet Friends and Family

Here are just a few more pictures from Brody’s birthday party on Saturday! So many of his cute little friends came to the party. I got pictures of several of them but there were a few that I missed. I love that we have such wonderful friends with sweet kids that help us celebrate birthdays! We loved spending the afternoon with all of them!

Cute little Trevor

DSC_0399 (428x640) (428x640)

Taylor…She is one of the funniest little girls I know!

DSC_0400 (428x640) (2)

Jillian and Anna Kate…Anna Kate loves Jillian and wanted to play with her most of the party. She even helped put Jillian’s hair bow back on her head! Ha!

DSC_0414 (640x428)

Taylor was amused by the ties on JK’s dress!

DSC_0416 (640x463)

Sweet Hannah

DSC_0421 (429x640)

The birthday boy


I love this picture of Hollis. She looked pretty concerned as she watched the big kids play! She is such a precious baby!

DSC_0422 (428x640)

Jack and Will-Two of Brody’s favorite friends

DSC_0424 (640x428)

Trenton posing with the palm trees! This cracks me up!

DSC_0430 (428x640)

Jill, my mom and Julee

DSC_0411 (640x428) (2)

Harper and Stella bouncing!

DSC_0434 (640x428)

The big boys had fun bouncing, too!

DSC_0437 (640x428)

Boys being boys!

DSC_0438 (640x428)

Melissa and Grayson- He is such a cutie!

DSC_0467 (640x428)

Brody opening one of his gifts!

DSC_0491 (428x640)

The cute thing about this age is that they all love when it’s time for presents! :)

DSC_0496 (640x428)

Ryan and Dalton were having a great time at the party! :)

DSC_0494 (640x428)

Watching her brother open gifts!

DSC_0510 (428x640)

The Stamp girls were about to leave so Jillian gave Harper a hug! She loves to hug people!

DSC_0513 (640x428)

Brody with one of his favorite people…JuJu!

DSC_0524 (428x640)

My favorite girls…including Preslee! :)

DSC_0536 (640x429)

Josh’s parents and the 4 of us

DSC_0523 (640x428)

Our little family

DSC_0527 (428x640)

My family!

DSC_0534 (640x428)

We ended the evening eating dinner with my family and then headed home and crashed! Brody is still talking about how much fun he had at his birthday party. We love that he had such a great day with friends and family!


Bethany said...

You have such a beautiful family! And where, might I ask, is Jillian's adorable dress from? Correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like a fancier version of a pillowcase dress. Love it!

Megan said...

You have your work cut out for you next year cause it seems you went all out on this brithday from beginning to end! :-) What a lucky little guy!

Katie said...

How much fun! Love your family! Happy birthday, Brody!

Sarah-Anne said...

that looks like such a fun party! :D so glad Brody enjoyed himself!

The Doxie Daily said...

Totally random question! Where did your sister get her blue shirt? It's super cute!!

Jennifer said...

Her shirt is from Old Navy! :)