Sunday, September 4, 2011

Woo Pig Sooie!

It’s my favorite time of the year…football season and fall! Well, it’s almost fall, but I feel like fall starts when football season starts!

Yesterday was the first Razorback game of the season! We dressed our kids in their Hog outfits and attempted to take a few pictures of their cute selves!


I love the little dress Jillian wore. I found the fabric at a local fabric store and had Josh’s mom make a little pillow case dress out of it.


Josh and I went to the game last night by ourselves while the kids stayed with his parents! It was the first game in our entire marriage that we have attended where I haven’t been pregnant or we haven’t taken Jillian with us. We went to one game the first season we were married and I was 36 weeks pregnant with Brody. The next season we didn’t go. Last season, I went to the first home game only 11 days before Jillian was born. I think I was crazy! Ha! Then, we took her to all the other games that season. Needless to say, we are excited about having date nights this football season! :)

Here we are in our Hogs attire before we left the house yesterday afternoon!

DSC_0003 (429x640)

Josh’s mom made my shirt for the game. I am sure she regrets the day she told me she could sew because I have definitely kept her busy lately! :)


We had a great time at the game and enjoyed getting to see a lot of our friends there!


We stayed the entire game even though the score was 51-7! We decided there was no reason to hurry home since we were only 10  minutes from our house and since we had great babysitters. We are looking forward to a fun (and hopefully winning) football season!


I hope your favorite teams won their games yesterday and I hope you are all having a great weekend!


Nancy said...

Cute Cute shirt! Looks like you 2 had a fun date night!!!
I bet your babies had fun, too!!

Linds said...

LOVE your shirt. SO SO SO cute!

Anonymous said...

Great shirt and yay for date night!

Jen S. said...

Hi Jennifer~
I love Jillian's dress, and your shirt is SUPER CUTE!

Hope you are enjoying the long weekend :)

Meg said...

Seriously could not be cuter!! :) I LOVE fall and am so very excited that it is almost here!!

Courtney said...

the shirt is absolutely so stinking cute! I love it!

Megan said...

You only live 10 minutes from the stadium?? I bet I drove right by your house when we went through there this summer!

Mere said...

Your MIL should sell those shirts! I love it! I would totally buy one from her if she could make an Auburn one! :)

Bethany said...

You would be cute wearing rags I swear, but it certainly doesn't hurt having a mother-in-law to sew you cute game attire!

Jennifer said...

Love Love Love your shirt :) Oh I wish your MIL made those for Auburn. I would so buy 10 of them! Glad y'all had a great "date night!" We all need those every once in a while.

Alex and Jill said...

Well you're just cute as a button in that shirt!! I remember when you went to the game that close to your due date - I thought you were super woman. HA!

Madison's Mommy said...

cute.cute.cute! We love school spirit around here that's for sure...only it's OSU team spirit;-)

I am obsessed with the shirt you have on....I would love to have one with Pistol Pete on it!! What a cute and fashionalbe idea!


Sarah-Anne said...

you are stylin' my friend!! you always look cute in your football attire. :) as well as Jill does too; love that dress!

All About the Armes' said...

I LOVE your shirt, Jennifer! We went to our home opener, too, to see the Vols! Have a great week!

Savannah said...

What a fun start to the football season! Love your shirt and Jillian's dress! :)

This is the day! said...

Yeah for football season! Love your shirt.