Monday, September 26, 2011

Julee’s Baby Shower

Yesterday, I helped host a baby shower for my best friend, Julee. It was a wonderful afternoon getting to celebrate Julee and Preslee!

These were the adorable invitations Leslie designed for the shower. The pattern on the invites is the same as nursery bedding fabric. The colors of Preslee’s gorgeous room are grey, white, and light pink, so those are the colors we used for the shower!

Julee Baby Shower

Julee with all of the hostesses! I loved getting to help host with such a fun, sweet group of girls!

DSC07500 (640x502)

Emily, Devin, Jill, Julee, Me, Renee, Leslie and Rachel

The door entering Leslie’s house!

DSC_0375 (428x640)

The sign Leslie made to hang on her door arrangement.

DSC_0376 (640x428)

We reused the frame from Jillian’s birthday party from last weekend. I just borrowed some of the nursery paint and Josh repainted the frame. We displayed a few weekly pregnancy pictures as well as a few ultrasound pictures.

DSC_0374 (640x428)

The entry table for guests to sign-in. There was a framed shower invitation on the table along with the beautiful baby pink spray roses.

DSC_0394 (428x640)

To the right of the entry was the dining room where the food and desserts were set-up. I loved the way this turned out! So simple and modern, which is what Julee loves.

DSC_0372 (428x640)

Pretty silver balls hanging from the chandelier.

DSC_0382 (428x640)

The cake table was definitely my favorite part of the shower décor! We borrowed the mirror from Preslee’s nursery. I was seriously so nervous driving it over to the shower, and we were even more nervous hanging it on the wall. I’m so glad it is safely back in her room now! :)

DSC_0370 (636x640)

Rachel had the great idea to attach these spray roses to the curly willow. It was gorgeous in person!

DSC_0367 (428x640)

The cake and banana pudding cups!

DSC_0380 (640x428)

I took a shower invitation to Rick’s Bakery and they matched the cake perfectly to the invitation!

DSC_0366 (640x428)

I added a couple of drops of red food coloring to the banana pudding to make it pink! I thought these little individual cups turned out really cute!

DSC_0397 (640x428)

Leslie made these cute cards for all the food and drinks.

DSC_0364 (640x428)

We had a cotton candy table as favors for the shower. Julee loves cotton candy and Leslie saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it would be perfect for the shower!

DSC_0416 (640x428)

We used a cupcake stand to display some of the cones.

DSC_0412 (640x428)

The paper had the same pattern as the bedding printed on it. SO cute!

DSC_0419 (640x428)

The little sign on the table said…Thank you for celebrating Sweet Preslee.

DSC_0413 (640x428)

The drinks…Peace Tea Punch, Water, and Coffee Punch

DSC_0428 (640x428)

A cute little banner that we hung in the living room had Preslee’s full name on it!

DSC_0393 (640x428)

Mommy-to-be opening one of her many cute gifts!! She received so many wonderful gifts!

DSC_0432 (428x640)

Julee and Me

DSC_0435 (470x640)

It was a wonderful day that we have prayed so long for Julee to be able to experience. We cannot wait to meet Preslee in just a few short months! She is one loved little girl already!


Alex and Jill said...

Such a pretty shower. Love every detail!

Ashley said...

You guys did such an awesome job!!!

I am a new follower!!

Laura said...

Everything looks great! I LOVE your boots...what kind are they? So cute!

Lauren said...

Absolutely perfection!!!!!!!!!!! :)

Julee said...

Thank you for all that you and the girls did! I really could just cry looking at all the pics! Everything was so special and I truly felt very loved!

lane, kelli and the boys said...

Girl, your parties are always SO cute!! What sweet friends, Julee, has :)

Day Old News said...

Cotton candy!! That is brilliant! You girls did an amazing job, that clearly took a lot of time and planning.

Michelle said...

It was so fun seeing you yesterday! Great job with all the details!

Cheryl E. said...

Gorgeous shower! You did a great job.

Faith said...

What a perfectly beautiful day for Julee and Preslee! I love all the pretty details!

Sarah-Anne said...

i am so so SO happy for julee & her sweet Preslee! you did a great job planning the shower for her; she is so lucky to have a friend like you, jennifer :)

Jenna said...

You girls should start a baby shower business! This was just beautiful and perfect! What a special way to celebrate such a special friend!!

Nancy said...

You girls did an amazing job! LOVE every detail!
Do you have a great banana pudding recipe? My husband loves that stuff!