Sunday, September 18, 2011

Jillian’s Birthday Party Details

Yesterday morning, we celebrated Jillian’s birthday with a girly party with 50 of our friends and family!

The party had been planned to be held in my parents’ backyard. They have a large yard that backs up to a golf course, so it’s a great setting for an outdoor party, unlike our little, long backyard! :) Last weekend, I began obsessively checking the weather for yesterday and each day the rain chance increased and increased until it was eventually 70 or 80%. At that point, I knew I was going to need to go to Plan B, which was having the party inside my parents’ house as well as using their garage for the kids’ area. So that is what we did and, despite the rain, we had a perfect party for our girl!

I thought I would share pictures of the party décor today and then show pictures of the actual party and events of the party this week.  This post is super long with lots of pictures, but I don’t want to forget any details of her special day!

This was the invitation we sent out to our guest. It was designed by my good friend, Leslie. I cut the address and phone number out on this, but you can still see what a great job Leslie did on these. The flowers are sketches of the flowers on Jillian’s nursery bedding!

Jillian's 1st Birthday blog (640x459)

This adorable wreath greeted guests at the door! It was made by one of my lifelong friends, Maggie. These are all over Pinterest and Maggie had recently made one. When she found out I wanted one for the party, she offered to make it for me! Thanks, Mags!!

DSC_0294 (640x428)

The table in the foyer displayed Jillian’s monthly cake pictures. I bought this frame for super cheap at a flea market and repainted it pink. Josh put nails in the back and attached 3 wires so that I could hang her pictures using little pink safety pins! I love that we did monthly pictures with both of our kids. It such a fun way to see how much they grew over the year!

DSC_0182 (640x428)

DSC_0179 (428x640)

The basket under the table was put on top of the table at the end of the party. It held the party favors, which were little pink and blue bird cookies made and gifted to us by our sweet friend, Ally, who loves to bake and decorate cookies on the side. I posted here about some Razorback cookies and Razorback cupcakes she made a few months ago. She is so talented! The tags for the top were made by my friend Leslie. I saw something cookie bags like this on Pinterest and Leslie was able to make some tags for me. The tag says, “Thank you for making my first birthday so sweet! Love, Jillian”

DSC_0181 (640x430)

The cake and cupcakes were displayed in the dining room. I kept it very simple and used things we already had to decorate. I loved all the white! And I have a new love for tissue balls. They are so easy and inexpensive to make, but are such a fun, cute detail to use at parties.

DSC_0208 (428x640)

The framed monogram hangs in her nursery, so I just took it off the wall and used it on a stand for the party. Since the party colors were the same as the nursery colors, I already had lots of little things I could use for decorations.

 DSC_0196 (429x640)

The sweet, girly cake made by Rick’s Bakery! I took the bakery the leftover ribbon from the ribbon wreath and they matched the cake to the ribbon.

DSC_0206 (429x640)

The matching little smash cake!

DSC_0204 (640x428)

The cupcakes made by Sam’s Club. Y’all they have the best cupcakes and they are less than $15 for 30 of them! Leslie designed the stickers that I used to make cupcake toppers with to add to the top.

DSC_0199 (640x428)

I hung this “Jillian” banner from the mantel. This was the same banner from used at my baby shower and I saved it to reuse at her first birthday. The designs behind the I, L, and A are all prints of the nursery fabric.  I painted the little pink and white bird houses to use at the ends of the mantel.

DSC_0211 (640x428)

The food table was in the kitchen. We had a variety of little pinwheels, mini quiches, spinach and artichoke dip with pita chips, pigs in a blanket, pumpkin muffins and mini-cinnamon rolls.

DSC_0225 (640x428)

To drink, we had coffee punch, sweet tea and water. I had painted some really cute chalkboards to use to label the drinks and I couldn’t find the chalk I had brought to write on them anywhere! So the chalkboards had to go!

DSC_0215 (640x428)

I used more of the little stickers on the cups.

DSC_0216 (640x427)

I made personalized labels for the water bottles.

DSC_0217 (640x428)

I added a fun little bar code on the back of the labels with Jillian’s name and her birthdate.

DSC_0220 (640x429)

I also added “nutrition facts” that we based on one serving of a birthday girl! :) I put that the water was manufactured on birthdate as well. 

DSC_0221 (640x428)

The kids tables were set-up in the garage. Not the most ideal location, but it was the best we could do under the weather circumstances. We also had a few nicer cushioned folding chairs out so parents had somewhere to sit.

DSC_0235 (640x428)

Fun little board I added in the garage for decoration! It had her birth announcement, invitation and stickers on it!

DSC_0230 (428x640)

Another little basket of favor cookies were outside just in case people left the party through the garage.


My sweet husband hauled Jillian’s dresser from her room over to my parents’ house so we could use it to set food on in the garage.  I loved using it and think it added some fun color to the garage! The fabric behind the table was pink and white pinstripe and it covered some shelves with storage boxes. :)

DSC_0247 (427x640)

Fun little ribbon trees that my friend, Meredith used for her daughter’s first birthday party last month. I loved getting to borrow them!

DSC_0244 (640x429)

We had PB&J sandwiches, Goldfish crackers, and juice for the kids. I used the drawers of the dresser to hold the juice and Goldfish. 

DSC_0241 (640x448)

The kids’ plates also had stickers on them.

DSC_0245 (640x429)

I loved working on all the little details for our sweet girl’s special day! It was so much fun for me!

I will post more party pictures in the next few days! Hope you all had a great weekend!


Maryellen said...

Okay if you ever need a job you can have a great career in organizing childrens parties !
Awesome job !

Allyson said...

Such a cute party. LOVE all the details. Such a cute idea for the monthly pictures. I might have to make something similar for son's first birthday.

His Doorkeeper said...

Every detail was adorable! Can't believe how fast this year has gone! Happy First Birthday Jillian!

Mallory said...

Wow, what a sweet party! You need to be a party planner! You did awesome!

Nancy said...

You did an amazing job! Puts every single party i've ever done to shame!! Happy Birthday to your girl!

The Anglin Family said...

Sooo cute!!!!

Amanda M. said...

WOW. Amazing!

Cara Beth said...

Super cute! Love that you used the dresser to serve food. Great idea!

Angie said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. What a cute party!!

I love the idea of the dresser in the garage...super cute!

All About the Armes' said...

Super cute!! I love all of the special details!

Bethany said...

The party was simply elegant! I love everything you did and I'm definitely "pinning" some of your cute ideas to use at future parties we have. You amaze me with how put together you are!

Heather Allen said...

Oh it turned out soo cute! You did a great job!! I love all of the sweet details!!

Sarah said...

I love the special meanings behind the details!!! Very precious!

Hailey said...

The party was beautiful!

Hope to be half the mother you are one day!

Workman Family said...

LOVE!! Can't wait to see more pictures:)

H.i.D. said...

Hi. Such a cute party !!! Could u tell me wher I mite could get so stickers made like the ones that u put on the plates, cups, & CC toppers??? Thnx

Jennifer said...

You did such a great job :) Every detail is just perfect. I think it turned out beautiful!

The Tesdalls said...

WOW!!! What an amazing job you did for your sweet little girl's party. I want you to come to IL and plan my kids birthday parties!:)

Kelly's Avenue said...

What a pretty 1st birthday party that Jillian had!! LOVE everything about it!!

Paige said...

Adorable! You did such an amazing job!

Emily said...

Very cute! And you are right...Sam's really does have the best and the cheapest cupcakes ever!

Faith said...

Sooooo cute! I love all the ribbon and pink and cuteness! A perfect celebration for your girly!

Sarah-Anne said...

awww! she is one loved little girl...can't wait to hear how the party went despite the rain!!

Sarah said...

My goodness! You southern mamas sure know how to throw a party! It's adorable and I'm sure Jillian loved it. :)

Meggie said...

Everything was SO cute! I love all the details! I can tell you put in tons of time and effort and I'm so impressed considering you have 2 small children!! Please share how you did it all! =)

Michelle said...

Love the pictures! How did you make the water bottle labels? My baby's first birthday party is next weekend, and I wanted to make water bottle labels. Please share!