Friday, September 23, 2011


First, my shirt in the last post was from a local boutique called Riffraff! You can go to their Facebook page to see all their super cute merchandise. If you see something you like, you can have it shipped to you!! They are always getting in fun, new clothes!

This picture best describes the past week at our house!

DSC_0374 (640x428)

First, Jillian has had a double ear infection. (We found out about this on her first birthday! Not a fun way to spend your special day!) Then, I went to the doctor on Monday night after running a 102 fever all day and found out I had tonsillitis and a sinus infection. Tuesday morning, Josh came home from work with a 103 degree fever and went to the doctor that same afternoon and found out he, too, had tonsillitis. So we both spent Tuesday on the couch. I’m sure our kids loved getting to do whatever they wanted that day. It was not our most outstanding parenting day. They watched a lot of TV. We were just trying to survive!

I have basically stayed home all week. I finally got out of the house yesterday! I was so happy to finally see people that weren’t wearing scrubs for the first time in several days. :) I also had lots to catch-up on yesterday. I had a busy week planned working on things for a baby shower I’m helping host this weekend as well as Brody’s birthday party next weekend. The kids were at MDO yesterday so I was able to get a lot done! Today, we are playing catch-up around the house. I need to run some laundry and probably disinfect our house one more time! Hopefully, all these germs are gone and we are on our way to not being the sickies any longer!

I have a few more pictures from Jillian’s party that I need to post, so I am going to try to do that later today!

Happy Friday!


GreenGirl said...

Glad you are feeling better! As I said on twitter, you and tracy mccoy should start a planning party business! Your creativeness is amazing!
You would make a fortune here in Philly doing that!

nicole@ said...

That stinks all 3 of you were sick, It is not good the mommy and daddy are sick, I am sure the kids loved it. Glad you are feeling better. I look forward to seeing the parties you help with. I get the best ideas.

Kelly's Avenue said...

Awww poor Jillian. I know how she feels with the double ear infection. I have had it since last Saturday!!!

My Dr said i need to get my tonsillitis out

Hope y'all get better soon

Lacy said...

Hope you guys are feeling much better now.. Two of my kiddo's had strep, thrush (only 1) and a double ear infection (only 1)

Sarah-Anne said...

ohmygoodness, you poor guys. :( SO glad you're feeling better though!!

Samantha said...

A double ear infection on her birthday, how sad. Glad you're feeling better.