Thursday, September 8, 2011

First Day of MDO

Today was a BIG milestone at our house…both Brody AND Jillian began Mother’s Day Out today!

Brody is an old pro at MDO! He has been going since he was just a few months old. He absolutely loves it and looks forward to his time with friends each week! I love that he enjoys it so much and I am so thankful that he is apart of such a great program.

Here is my very handsome boy this morning! Seriously, I could not love this boy more. Doesn’t he look SO big??

DSC_0003 (429x640)

How is he about to be 3?

DSC_0007 (640x427)

Here he is on his first day of MDO last year! He was 23 months old and 6 days away from having his world rocked by becoming a big brother! :) He had such a little baby face then.

   DSCF9796 (480x640)

DSCF9798 (640x480)

And today, our sweet baby girl went to MDO for the first time! Love this little doll!!

DSC_0009 (640x428)

She was so happy and fun before we left the house this morning!

DSC_0020 (640x428)

Clapping for a fun day ahead!

DSC_0031 (640x428)

DSC_0029 (640x428)

Brody outside of his classroom this morning!

DSC_0037 (428x640)

This just made me smile! :)


Jillian and Brody both had great days! Jillian’s teacher said she did extremely well today, which made me so happy! She is a happy baby, so I figured she would do well, but it was nice to hear that her day went great! Brody wasn’t ready to leave when I got there to pick him up! That’s always a great sign that he loved his time spent there!

For the first time in a year, I had 5 consecutive hours alone today! I seriously had no idea what to do with myself, but I was very productive with my time today. It was so strange to just run in stores without taking anyone inside with me in a stroller. It was also nice to go to the bathroom without any company today! :)

I am looking forward to using Thursday to get a lot done and allowing me to free up more time in the week to focus on our sweet kids!

And this is off topic a little, but a week from today someone in our house turns ONE!!!


Allyson said...

Your kiddos are just too cute!

Morgan Paige said...

they both looks PRECIOUS! brody looks like a little man!

Angie said...

Those two are so stinkin adorable I can barely stand it! Brody looks so grown up & Jillian is such a beauty!

Glad they had a wonderful day, and hooray for alone bathroom time!!! :)

Linds said...

those pics are adorable! JK is just the cutest thing EVER.

Kelly's Avenue said...

You have such beautiful kids!!!
Hope they had a great time at MOD

Nancy said...

They both look ADORABLE!!
Glad a good day was had by all!

The Matthews' Family said...

I love me some MMO!I

Erin said...

WOW! Jillian will be 1 in a week?! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! It seems like she was JUST born! Holy smokes!

Dianna said...

They are both so cute! I can't believe how grown up Brody looks! He is going to be a heartbreaker!

Anna & Kirby said...

Dang...they are getting so old! Brody is like a little man!

Megan said...

Where do you get Jillian's bows? I love them!!! I have a ton of flowered headbands for my 5 month old daughter, but am looking for more headbands with bows on them. :)

Faith said...

I swear, your kids are the cutest things!! Brody is so handsome! I cannot get over Miss JK almost being one. I remember when she was still in your tummy =)

Y'all are the sweetest. I can't wait to see her fabulous party!!