Saturday, September 24, 2011

A few more party pictures…

Here are a few pictures of the sweet friends and family who came to celebrate with us! I did a terrible job of getting pictures of people that attended the party. I have a lot of candid ones though!

Daddy and Momma with the birthday girl! We survived the first year! :)

DSC_0252 (640x428)

Jillian and her cute birthday outfit. She wasn’t too thrilled about having her picture taken!


My mom with Jillian. She was a HUGE help with the party! She stayed up super late with me setting everything-up and she helped so much during the party!! Thanks, mom!

DSC_0246 (428x640)

My dad, Brody, Jillian and me

DSC_0258 (640x428)

Payne and Jillian eating Goldfish! They are getting SO big!

DSC_0271 (640x428)

I seriously feel like they were just snuggling like this in my hospital room and now they are one!! :)


I love this picture! It looks like Jillian is talking to Taylor about something! All 3 of these cuties just turned one within the last month!

DSC_0276 (640x378)

Jillian was a serious eater at her party! So serious that she stole some food from her friends!

DSC_0280 (640x428)

Love these 3 little friends! They are nursery buddies!

DSC_0307 (640x428)

Brody-This face cracks me up! He looks like, “Poor me! It’s my sister’s party and not mine!”

DSC_0286 (428x640)

Lots and lots of kids!

DSC_0287 (640x428)

DSC_0290 (640x428)

Sydney, Emerson, Kelly and Hollis- Emerson and Hollis are exactly a month apart in age. It’s hard to believe how quickly these sweet girls are growing!

DSC_0299 (640x428)

More food for the birthday girl!

DSC_0302 (640x428)


And sweet Silas never even knew he was missing the party! :)

DSC_0306 (640x428)

We are so grateful to our friends for spending the morning celebrating with us and helping make Jillian’s birthday so special!


Heather Allen said...

It looks like it was a great party! Good job Momma!

Nancy said...

Brody looks adorable at his sister's party!
And the BIRTHDAY girl! She is just beautiful!

Sarah Wyland said...

Brody looks like a miniature gentleman! I have a little cousin who's 3. She's a tall, blonde, blue-eyed beauty. I think they'd be just perfect together, ha! Jillian is just precious. I'm glad she had a great first birthday. And how sweet is that newborn picture of her and Payne?

Samantha said...

What a cute party!

Jamie said...

Adorable Pictures!

I'm Jamie, I've been reading your blog for awhile and thought I should introduce myself. Come check out my blog --

Ashley said...

What an adorable party. How did you make the water bottle labels, did you have a template?

Anonymous said...

Looks like you all had a great turnout @ the party! Your pics are great! I had to smile, what would we do without our mommys?

waiting said...

Everything was so precious! Jillian is so pretty! I would love to know where you got your top! I love it!