Tuesday, August 16, 2011

MOPS Craft Ideas



If you have read my blog for a while, you know I am involved in a MOPS group that meets on one of our church’s campuses. I love MOPS and love the friends I have met through the program. I am looking forward to starting back this fall!

This will be my 3rd year to participate in MOPS, and my 2nd year to be in charge of crafts. I have a few ideas already planned for this year, but I need several more! It takes lots of searching online for me to come-up with fun, cute, not overly-cheesy, crafts for each meeting. I know many of you are very crafty and even blog about crafting projects, so I thought I would just ask and see if you had any ideas that I could use, or even adapt and use this year for MOPS. These crafts need to be budget-friendly, as well as things we can do with a group of 40-50 people without it being mass chaos! :)

Links to tutorials, pictures, or posts about these crafts would be great, or even just an explanation would be helpful as well!

Thank you SO much in advance!! :)


Brittney said...

Not sure what you would do with them, but I have been eyeing these multi color vases at dollar tree....maybe how to arrange some fresh flowers (you might could get Sam's or a flower shop to donate!?)

These vases are only $1 each! http://www.dollartree.com/floral-decor/vases-bowls-containers/202c203c203/index.cat?index=0

Nicole said...

Hi Jennifer! I love your blog. I have a 20 mo old who is similar to Brody its nice to know what I have to look forward to. I am as crafty as a door knob however I love pinerest.com you can follow people and most everyone has cute little DYI projects that you could maybe turn into crafts.

The Newnams said...

I saw a really cute idea on pinterest. You paint a fishbowl and use the childs hand print (sideways) to do a fish. Then glue on some eyes. They also glued little tiny rocks at the bottom of the fish bowl. It was really cute. If you go to pinterest you can search it and it should come up. It was so cute. I will be doing it will my girls soon. Good Luck

The Newnams said...

Here is the website for the fish bowl I posted earlier.


Jennifer said...

I was in a MOPS group and we made some little clipboards and modge podged scrapbook paper on them. We also made little boxes that we modge podges and glued flowers to the top of the box. We used the boxes as prayer boxes. Both are really cute and there were about 100 women at the MOPS group so was easy to mass produce. I can email you pictures if you want them.

Amy Lawrence said...
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Jessica said...

hopefully these links work, but here's my "plan" for crafts this year for MOPS. also check out this pinterest site, she has some really cute pins.

september-fall wreath
or do it in spring and make it a summer wreath

december-peppermint scrub

january-pilates/fitness demo

march-cowgirl cookies


may-monogram bag

Sarah said...

We made scented sachet's in our Mops group last year and it was a big hit. It was done in October for breast cancer awareness month. Just buy sachet bags at Hob Lob, fill with dried lavender and tie with cute ribbon.

We also did glitter pumpkins in the fall. Those turned out really cute. Here's the link for them: http://www.marthastewart.com/271768/glittered-pumpkins

Amy Anderson said...

hmm. trying to remember some of our mops crafts from last year - i know one week we decorated church activity bags for the kids, and then they had some crayons and coloring sheets and stuff to put in them. another week we made these: http://thesmallobject.com/stenopad/wordpress/?p=976
i think we only used 9 washers, though. i LOVE mine and even made them for my mom and mother in law for mother's day this year! super cheap too :)

Superchikk said...

I think you should make coasters again. We made those year before last, right? I love mine and use them all the time. Would love to have a couple more!

I would advise spraying them with sealer this time, though.

Austyn said...

This is a great post! We do some crafts too with my mom's group and always need new ideas! Things we have done are handmade cards (our scrapbooky moms put sets together for us to assemble), Christmas ornaments with pictures of our kiddos and the year(these are my favorite), covered wipes cases (really easy), and picture frames ($1 at michaels) covered in scrapbook paper and with a quote or scripture in the middle). I don't have pics or links but you can email me if you want more info and I can get you more info. (austynmartoia at hotmail dot com)

I also agree about Pinterest....millions of great ideas on there!

The Parish Family said...

I LOVE my MOPS group! Have you checked Pinterest? Just search for MOPS and you will come up with a ton of crafts. I'm also including a link to my pinterest crafts board which has some MOPS appropriate things on it.

Good luck! :)


The Morrows said...

Im in MOPS too and love that fellowship I get twice a month!
A few ideas:
We have decorated little photo albums/prayer books (purse sized)to put verses and pictures of our kids.
We have decorated the large paper clips and put a magnet on the back to use at a fridge magnet or flip upside down and use to hold a recipe.
We have stuck leaves or modge podged leaf paper onto a cheap candle holder to hold a fall candle.

Card making (stationary) would be fun too and something you could always use. Stamps, ribbon, and scrapbook paper can make a plain card look cute!

On Pinterest, I have seen felt flowers. They are cheap, easy to make and can be put on a wreath, a pin (to place on your jacket), or on a headband.

Rebekah said...

I may be at your MOPS making the craft, but here are a couple of ideas...
I call this a DIY Brag Book. They are fun for mommies or for a gift!

Also, I have been wanting to make some of these, but haven't yet. These coasters would be a good craft!

Amy said...

I have been a reader for a while now, but this is the first time I have commented. My son did a really cool project at our church's Arts Camp this summer that I thought I would share. You buy this photo paper from here...


The kids walked around outside and found leaves, flowers, etc. and placed it on the paper in an enclosed room where no sun shines in. Then after they were done arranging the items, they moved their paper and objects outside into the sunlight. After about 5 or 10 minutes, you remove the objects and their shape is now a white color on the paper.

Amy said...
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Melanie said...

Here is a website of preschooler friendly crafts:


Courtney said...

How about marble magnets? Super easy! Get the flat glass marbles (they come several in a bag), get some scrapbook paper of your favorite design, glue that dries clear, and small round magnets (found in the craft section). These are super cute and VERY easy! Google it or Pinterest it and you'll see what I'm talking about.

Courtney said...

How about marble magnets? All you need are flat glass marbles, glue that dries clear (or mod podge), scrapbook paper of your choice, and small round magnets that are strong. Google it or Pinterest it and you will see what I'm talking about. I would send you a link, but my computer is having some issues. Sorry!

mb said...

I made these with the kids that I nanny (ages 8, 7 and 4) Very simple and also inexpensive.

They are lighthouses:


Laurie said...

Hi! I used to do MOPS and loved it! Now my kids are in 9th, 7th and 4th grade :). I have a blog where I sometimes share crafts. Here are some Fall/Holiday crafts - I'm assuming you're referring to mommy crafts, not kids crafts?


Hope these may be helpful, they are fairly basic and inexpensive, but still fun and chic and/or cute! Come see me at sceneofthegrime.blogspot.com for more ideas!

Blessings, Laurie

Two Girls and a Guy! said...

Hey Jen! At the end of our MOPS year last year we made cookbooks. They were really easy we just had to submit recipes by a certain date then they were printed out. At the meeting we just hole punched and hooked the index pages together. We also had different designs of paper to divide and make it cuter. I think it was scrap booking paper or cardstock? We also used ribbon stapled onto the pages as "tabs". It was a really neat idea and now i have all the yummy recipes everyone made! Hope that helps!

Shelly said...

Just ran across your blog. Your boys are precious. Enjoyed reading!

Krystal said...

Friendship Tea, put in jars with neat tags.
Menu/memo boards: decorative computer paper in $ store frames
Handmade Christmas cards
"coffee" break.. instant coffee sticks, biscotti, chocolate covered espresso beans in decorated cups
Hammered washer necklaces.

Homemade general purpose spray cleaner and a powered laundry detergent
Homemade ice packs for packing picnic lunches or the inevitable boo-boos.

Previous years we made:
"survival"/first aid kits.
Garden globes..plastic fillable christmas ornaments, painted and put on PVC posts.
potted plants.
rhinestoned/ironed on plain black bags
puff painted aprons
scrapbook paper covered clipboards
scrapbook paper covered "composition" notebooks
fabric covered the back of clear $ store plates
Magnets, clear glass with scrapbook paper and magnet disc on the back
Photo blocks. Blocks of wood with photos/square stickers on the sides
Bath tea bags, with neck pillow and votive candles.
Coupon caddie... plastic envelope decorated with stickers, ribbon on a binder clip holding a small note pad and pen
washer necklace, washer covered with scrapbook paper and clear "embossed"

Our ideas for this coming year:

12” square shadow box W/ onesie, photo on scrapbook paper
Wire bent into a letter then wrapped in fabric & accented for child’s room
Clean up pail decorated pail to put toys in as you go around the house to pick up
Summer fun tote or rainy day bucket/ restaurant kit
Bound envelope memory booklet for all the crafts your kids bring home
Make a meal to go home with.
Apple crisp in a bag
Christmas cards
Advent box calendar Christmas
Scrapbook covered journals.
Wooden Mitten/barrette hanger. (wood board or hanger)
Fabric painted umbrellas
Gift Tag album
Etched mason jar votive (vinyl cut by cricut, or laser cut stencil sticker)
Magnetic memo board (galvanized roof shingle, scrapbook paper, Magnets)

Love from Texas said...

Hey just seeing this post. I'm craft coordinator for our group too. Here's some link to a few things we did last year...

Marble Magnets - Very cute. We stuck scrapbook letter stickers on them and made monograms.

Mini-Prayer Journals - Super cute and easy. You can get the mini-composition notebooks right now in 3pks for a dollar at Target. School supply section.

Headband/Hairclip Rosettes - HUGE hit with the moms and so many variations.

Jar-O-Lanterns for October - This actually leads to a PDF I made up and printed out for each table. These turned out great!

One month we also did paperclip bookmarks. Very easy. You can google for examples, but it basically just involves glueing scrapbook embellishments to paperclips.

Our next to last month was "Leftovers" month. I brought all leftover supplies and the moms had a field day.

But all crafts listed above were btw $50-75.

R said...

Great idea to throw this out there!! I'm beginning my third year as Hospitality chick, and I'm not gonna lie...this year's theme has me stumped as far as centerpieces!! Can anyone help this Dallas girl out? :)

Krystal said...

I created dice out of wood blocks in the colors of this years theme, the dots have letters for Bold, Loving, Sense, Mops. I drilled a hole and put a tiny dowel in the top with a candyland(gingerbread) guy at the top with the table leaders name. For general decor, I went to Toys'r'us and got the saftey man signs (bike dept) and paint it with this years colors as a welcome sign.

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