Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Fun

Jillian was very excited Saturday morning when we told her we were going to a birthday party for her friend, Colson!

DSC_0527 (428x640)

Colson’s birthday party was SO cute! Katie didn’t miss a single detail. It was such a fun and special day!

DSC_0531 (640x427)

The birthday boy, working on his smash cake!

DSC_0543 (429x640)

Zach and Brody were the two big boys at the party. They were so cute waiting for Colson to open his presents.

DSC_0537 (428x640)

They stayed in for about 5 minutes and then headed back outside to play! Brody had such a great time with Zach!

DSC_0557 (640x428)

We loved getting to celebrate sweet Colson’s first year with their family and friends!

Brody went swimming with my parents Saturday evening, so Josh, Jillian and I went to eat dinner together. It was so strange to only have one child with us! We even switched out the double stroller in the car for the single for that night. :)

DSC_0560 (428x640)

Our town recently got a Chipotle. It’s quickly becoming our favorite burrito place in town, so that’s where we chose to eat. Jillian loved their rice and black beans. It’s fun that she is starting to eat some table food now!

DSC_0561 (640x428)

We stopped at a few places and headed home. The Turners and The Bells came over for a little while that evening. Rachel and Seth were up visiting Evan, so we wanted the boys to be able to play together while they were here. Brody was so excited that he started dumping all his toys in the floor to play so Seth could see them!

DSC_0564 (640x428)

Brody had a lot of fun playing with “Seff”! We cannot wait for him to be up here permanently!

DSC_0567 (640x429)

I got a few pictures of the kids before we left for church this morning.

DSC_0560 (640x428)

DSC_0562 (640x428)

My big boy and me!

DSC_0564 (640x428)

My sweet babies!

DSC_0565 (640x429)

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Hope you had a great weekend!


Lacy said...

What a fun weekend.. Your children are just gorgeous!! Love Jillian's little white sandlas.. Just precious.

Nancy said...

Precious post with precious pictures~

Heidi said...

Looks like such a fun weekend. Your kids are precious!

Traci said...

Cute pics! You're hair looks so pretty. Did you change the color?

Angie said...

those kiddo's are just too cute!

We love chipotle! So good...but so addicting!!

MeTheMama said...

your kids are seriously the cutest

Renia Flaishans said...

I just have to say, your kids are just adorable!!

Melissa said...

Jillian's hair is growing so much! Love all the pictures!

Alex and Jill said...

I think Jillian looks like you in some of these pics...she's so cute.

We're getting a Chipotle. I've never been to one - excited to have a new restaurant to try!!