Monday, July 25, 2011

Prison Break

First, this show consumed much of our late nights this weekend! One of our friends suggested we watch it on Netflix, since we finished FNL, so we decided to give it try on Friday night. We ended up watching several episodes this weekend once the kids were in bed! It’s such a great show and I love how clever and well thought out it is so far.


Funny story…We stayed up until after 1:00 Saturday night/Sunday morning watching a few episodes. Around 3:30am, when we were dead asleep, one of our smoke detector batteries decided it needed to be changed, which means the smoke detector started beeping. (Side note: Why do these only do this at night? Seriously. Ours has never needed to be changed in the middle of the day! Ha!) Anyway, it started beeping and I guess I was dreaming about Prison Break because I thought the beeping was the alarm on the prison doors when they lock the inmates in or unlock them. Ridiculous! Ha! Josh was already out of bed checking on things before I even realized that we were not, in fact, in a prison drama. This is why I shouldn’t watch TV late at night! :) If you haven’t watched this show, you should! It’s SO good!!!


And here are a few cute pictures from Saturday night. We kept 3 of the 4 Parrott kids, so that their mom and dad could celebrate their anniversary with a dinner date! It was a fun, busy night with 5 kids 4 years old and under!

These 3 had a great time playing together!

DSC_0557 (640x428)

Anna Kate was so sweet to “read” to Jillian…

DSC_0564 (640x428)

and to give her lots of hugs!

DSC_0565 (640x428)

I love this face that Hudson is making at Jillian.

DSC_0568 (640x428)

Hudson and his concerned face. Looks just like his daddy!

DSC_0570 (640x428)

The big boys played outside in the pool and sprinkler! Josh said they had a great time!

DSC_0575 (640x428)

Playing with toys in Brody’s room!

DSC_0581 (640x427)

And the night wasn’t complete until they had a little dance party! Jack and Anna Kate’s facial expressions were cracking us up!

DSC_0587 (640x428) 

DSC_0588 (640x428)

DSC_0589 (640x428)

DSC_0585 (640x428)

Hope y’all had a great weekend!!


Anne said...

We did the same thing, starting Prison Break after finishing up FNL. We TORE through it! The first two seasons were my favorite, but it is all pretty addictive.

Sarah said...

We loved Prison Break! You guys are picking some great shows to watch! Are you doing Big Brother again, too?? Have you ever watched Rescue Me?

Sarah-Anne said...

now i'm going to have to check it our since I'm almost done with Bones on Instant Netflix. thanks for another addictive show, ha! ;)

Nancy said...

They look so cute dancing & your fireplace is really pretty!

Emily said...

Last year Patrick and I watched all of Prison Break back to back. So addictive!

Jillian said...

That main actor Wentworth? He is so good looking:)

Rebekah said...

Flint and I stayed up night after night a few (Cillaless) summer ago watching Prison Break! It is SOOOOO good. I will say that the first season was my fav and my interest dwindled as the seasons went on. When you are finished with that show you should watch 24 if you haven't already. Jack Bauer is a stink'in super hero and it will keep you up all night because you can't stop watching!
Talk about a PAR-TAY at your house with the Parrots! SO so fun! Next time you have them all over let me know and I will send Cilla down the road....what's one more kid in the mix;)

A Wedding Story said...

I loved this series! It was by far one of the most thought-out ones on tv! Enjoy :)

Amy said...

we watched prison break last year and lOVED it!!! it is addicting. we would literally watch three episodes every night after the kids went to bed. and if one of us fell asleep, the other was FORBIDDEN to tell what had happened - ha! :) i was a "24" watcher, but definitely lost interest after the second or third season....prison break - i was hooked the ENTIRE time!!! plus, how cute are lincoln and michael?!?! way better than jack bauer in my opinion ;-)

Dianna said...

This is the first show my husband and I loved watching together. I agree with the others that the first 2 seasons are the best but we watched them all.