Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Picnic Essentials

Yesterday, I decided Brody, Jillian and I would go have a picnic lunch at the park. We even invited Daddy to come with us on his lunch break!

I started making everyone’s lunches  and saw Brody get a large bag out of a drawer and begin packing it full of things. I could see out of the corner of my eye as I made sandwiches that the things he was putting in the bag were pretty random. He was so excited though and I could hear him saying, “Oh yes! We need this for our picnic.” Then, he would work a little more and say, “Oh, how about this for our picnic!” I almost stopped him and told him I didn’t think we should take all these things to the park with us, but then I saw his excited and proud face as he packed and reminded myself that one day he will think going on picnics with his parents is dumb, so I quickly decided we would take anything and everything our sweet boy packed in his bag!

Here is Brody’s bag that he packed for our picnic….

DSC_0616 (428x640)

The inside full of lots of special surprises!

DSC_0614 (640x428)

I packed a little lighter for the 4 of us! :)

DSC_0615 (640x428)

These are the important picnic essentials that Brody packed…

Coffee filter, creamer and cooking spray

DSC_0627 (428x640)

Zip lock bags and travel sized tooth paste

DSC_0618 (640x428)

Red plastic cups and disposable coffee cups with lids

DSC_0619 (428x640)

Multiple Inchbug cup labels

DSC_0621 (640x428)

Lots of toddler spoons and forks. He also included 3 medicine droppers.

DSC_0622 (640x428)

Quite the collection isn’t it? He also included a huge bag of unopened chips from the 4th of July, animal crackers and gold fish crackers. At least we always know we will always be prepared when we take Brody on picnics with us! :)

We had a lot of fun eating lunch!

DSC_0626 (428x640)

This girl LOVED having her daddy there with her! Can you tell?

DSC_0629 (640x428)

We played for a little while after we ate.

DSC_0631 (428x640)

DSC_0632 (640x428)

It was such a fun lunch with my sweet little family!


Amanda M. said...

That is so dern cute. And how sweet that you didn't stop him and actually brought all that along. He was probably SO proud of himself! That is awesome! I need to remember to just let those sweet moments happen!

Sarah Wyland said...

How precious! I love that you brought it along. I'm sure that just made his day, not to mention made him feel super important! Such cuties, your two little ones.

the workaholic momma said...

Oh my gosh - I LOVE Brody's bag and I think thats SO awesome that you took it with you guys!!! Jillian does look so excited to be spending time with her daddy - glad you guys had sucha great day!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

I think he did a pretty good job--it seems to me that you forgot the coffee to go with the creamer though. (; Ha!! We love picnics at the park, too! Love those two cuties!

Abramyan Avenue said...

That is just too sweet! I'm sure he felt like such a big boy to help you pack for the picnic. My first reaction would have been to put some of those things back but then that takes all the fun out of it. Love the pictures!

Megan said...

that is too cute!! What a good mamma you are to play along and bring it with you!

Shannon said...

I love what he packed! and love that you documented it. So cute!

Sarah-Anne said...

i love how you just let it go & let Brody do his own packing for the picnic. that's something I admire about you, jen!

Erin O. said...

I've read your blog for a while and post here and there. This post brought tears to my eyes-misting, but nonetheless they were there. You really are such a great mom and inspiration-yes, you've mentioned life isn't always perfect, but you always take time to remember the little things. Thanks for reminding us that the days are long and the years are short.

Katie said...

Too funny! It's always wonderful to be prepared!

Nancy said...

You are a great wife & Mommy!

Jeanie said...

How fun for Brody. The things he packed cracked me up! And you were the BEST mommy just to let him carry on with his packing. Before you know it, he won't want to do anything with his family. Sad to say, I know.

Michelle said...

I remember when my boys, now 9 and 11, would get so excited with me over the simple things. I miss that. Now it takes a lot more for them to think my ideas are fun.

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love that he was so prepared.

Jen V. said...

I've been a reader of your blog for quite awhile but have never posted. But I just had to comment on this one! I was laughing out loud at Brody's picnic necessities! What a little sweetheart he is!

You are an awesome mom!

Kaitlin said...

Brody's own bag for the picnic is the most adorable thing ever!!! I love that you go along with it too, such a fun mom! He got to feel like he contributed! I love that you took pics to document what he thought was necessary for the picnic. So precious!

Mrs.BigTime said...

Oh my gosh! Brody's bag is precious! I can't wait to have sweet little stories like this from my own sweet little babies! Cherish these perfect little moments!

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