Saturday, July 30, 2011

iPhone Pictures

Here are a few pictures from my iPhone from this past week!

Jillian crawled under the coffee table one afternoon this week and got stuck! I heard her crying and all I saw when I walked in was her little legs and feet!


We are a part of a small group that meets weekly in our home on Wednesday nights. This past Wednesday night, we (our small group) took laundry detergent and dryer sheets, rolls of quarters, pizzas, drinks and cookies to a local laundromat in a low income area of our town. We washed peoples clothes, fed them pizza and just had the opportunity to talk with them while they waited on their laundry to wash/dry.  We had a great night and we were all very thankful for the opportunity to serve in our community!


Brody has been loving the notes section of my iPhone. I find new notes from him daily. Sometimes he gets lucky and will actually spell words!


We went to the library twice this week! My kids LOVE going! And I also love it because it’s free, air-conditioned fun! :) We met Payne and Sarah there on Monday and then ran into our friends, the Scotts, there on Thursday morning!

IMG_5819 (1)

After I blogged last Friday about running gear, Sarah brought her Garmin to the house one day this week for me to try out. I definitely wanted to try it before I considered buying one. I have used it twice this week and LOVE it! It’s such a great little motivator to run faster and further!

IMG_2468 (1)

Last night, we we met some sweet friends of ours to eat at Mellow Mushroom. Jason and Holly have a boy and a girl almost the exact same age as Brody and Jillian, so it’s always SO fun to get to hang out with them. They completely “get” our life and can always relate to the things we are going through. It’s so nice to have friends that are in an identical season of life as us. I feel like we don’t have to constantly apologize when we are around them! :) We had such a great night talking and laughing with them! Oh, and we had to wait an hour for a table at MM with 4 kids! Ha! It was a crazy, fun night!


Hope you all have a great weekend!


Adrienne said...

such a cute picture of her under the coffee table. not so fun that she got stuck

Nancy said...

What a sweet & wonderful thing to do @ the laundry mat! I love it & I bet they were so thankful & surprised!!

Brittnie said...

I don't think I've ever commented, but that is SUCH a great outreach idea!

Might have to "steal" it sometime!