Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Fourth Fun

We had a great 4th of July weekend! We spent part of our weekend at Josh’s parent’s house and part of the weekend at our house!

Josh’s parents have a pool, so we spent most of Saturday swimming and relaxing by the pool. Jillian was so happy and content in her little float. She is such a little water baby!

DSC_0377 (640x429)

Brody LOVED getting to swim! He wore his swim buoy from swim lessons and went all over the pool by himself, including swimming in the deep end. I am so thankful he loves the water! I taught a lot of swimming lessons when I was in college to a lot of kids who hated/feared the water. I always hoped we would have children who loved the water, and we do!

DSC_0365 (640x428)

Brody told Josh’s parents that he wanted to take their pool back home with him! :) That would be nice!

DSC_0374 (640x428)

Sunday evening, we went to our church’s 4th annual Fireworks at The Crosses. Our family has gone every year! It’s funny how much we have changed in 4 years. The first time we went, I was pregnant with Brody and now we are a family of four!

DSC_0422 (640x428)

I thought this picture was funny! This is usually how most pictures of the four of us turn out… We smile at the camera, and the kids do whatever they please!

DSC_0426 (640x428)

A cute picture of Jillian when we got to church that night! She was thrilled to be there with us. Can you tell? Ha!


Our sweet friends, Adam and Heather, met us there this year. We loved spending the evening with them!

DSC_0418 (640x428)

My favorite girl and me!

DSC_0431 (428x640)

We had a wonderful time with my parents, Jill and Brandon, Brandon’s parents, and some other friends!

DSC_0437 (640x428)

The fireworks show was amazing! We all enjoyed it, except for Brody. :) Maybe next year he will not be so scared of the loud noises!

DSC_0443 (640x428)

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!


Mere said...

I love how Jillian is grabbing and eating your necklace in some of these pictures! My little girl, Ellie, is about a month younger than Jillian and she is constantly chewing on every necklace I wear. :) She will also grab my glasses as soon as I put them on.

You all look so cute and festive! Glad you had a fun 4th!

Nancy said...

That last picture is really cool with the crosses & the fireworks!
Cute pic's as always!

Lauren said...

I just love your sweet family. Precious pictures!! :)

Laura said...

I love Jillian's 4th of July outfit!!

Tori said...

Love the family pic! That's how ours turn out too! What kind of floatie does Brody have? I'd love to get Landry something else to try in the pool instead of a ring. Can you take a picture or give us the name? Thanks!

Surrounded-By-Boys said...

oh i love all your pictures!! I follow along daily, but usually don't comment....
I love to see what your sweet family is up to!!

Sarah-Anne said...

sounds like ya'll had FUN FUN FUN!

Nicole said...

Hey! Is Jillian's headband nylon?? I'm trying to find some other than crocheted but can only find really thin nylon ones...and they don't seem to want to hold a bow very well. Thanks!!