Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What a Difference a Year Makes!

As I was loading pictures on my computer from swim lessons, I clicked over to the file of pictures from lessons last summer and was amazed at how much Brody has grown in a year!

This is his first day of swimming lessons last July. He was 21 months old!


And here he is this year on his first day of lessons! He is almost 32 months old!

DSC_0753 (428x640)

This is Brody in the wagon at lessons last year.


And here he is in the wagon this year.


Brody and me at lessons last year. I was 31 weeks pregnant with Jillian last year during lessons! :)

DSCF9427 (480x640)

And here we are this year!

DSC_0891 (640x517)

I cannot imagine how much bigger he will be and how much older he will look this time next year! And of course, sweet Jillian is growing just as quickly, too. I wish I could just freeze time and keep them both at these ages a little longer! It’s just going by way too quickly! :)


Kimberley said...

i love comparing photos too! makes me sad how fast they grow!! your little munchkins are adorable!!

Joeylee said...

they change and get big so fast!!

Miranda said...

It's crazy how fast our kids grow!!!

Sarah-Anne said...

OMG, what a diff. a year makes!! they are growing up so fast, jen!

Katie said...

Ah so fun! Brody has grown so much!

Z has his lessons in two weeks. I hope the weather is great for ya'll.

Kappa Prep said...

Oh my gosh! I took swimming lessons at the SAME place when I was growing up in Fayetteville! That is too crazy!

Ashley said...

I love him, precious as always! Love ya girl!

Nancy said...

it does fly!!!
my son will be 11 this weekend!
Brody is too cute!

Lauren said...

Brody is just precious!!! Growing up SO much1!!!

Kat said...

So cool that you have pictures of him in the same place! He's growing up so quickly