Monday, June 27, 2011

Our Weekend

We had a surprisingly busy weekend!!

Friday, we had a going away playgroup for our wonderful friends, the Swains. Chris took a church staff position in Atlanta, so yesterday was their last Sunday at our church. We are so sad they are leaving, but so excited for the great opportunity that they have been given at this new church.

I thought Jillian looked so cute at playgroup in her little swimsuit!

DSC_0220 (640x428)

Caedmon, Brody and Xander in the pool!

DSC_0221 (640x561)

Our playgroup made this for Caedmon’s room at his new house. We put all the kids handprints on this canvas and I think Sara is going to put a Bible verse in the middle. This was half-way through the project. I thought it was so cute and such a sweet way for Caedmon to remember his friends here.

DSC_0217 (640x428)

Friday night was FNO. Josh and I ate, ran to Target, and then stopped by the hospital to see our friends, Ronnie and Marci. If you remember, I made cupcakes for Marci on Wednesday. By Thursday she was dilated to 4cm, but was sent home from the hospital. They let her come back on Friday and kept her! She still had not had the baby at this point on Friday night. We left the hospital and went to pick-up the kids at church. Around midnight, I realized I wasn’t going to be able to sleep knowing she still had not had the baby, so I changed clothes and headed-up to the hospital. Our friends, Jill and Sara were there, too, so we all hung out and waited on Silas to arrive. I’m not sure the last time I laughed as much as I did that night!

DSC_0250 (640x428) (2)

After a long crazy labor, which included Marci’s epidural falling out, Silas Elliot was born at 2:08am! Marci is my hero! She was so calm, even at a 9 with no epidural! It was amazing!

DSC_0237 (640x428)

The new momma of 4!!!

DSC_0241 (428x640)

Sara and I made a quick run to McDonald’s around 3 to get Marci some much deserved food!

DSC_0255 (428x640)

Silas and me around 3:30 Saturday morning! I promised him I didn’t always look that scary, but I had rolled out of bed to go wait on him to be born. :)

DSC_0254 (640x428)

I got home and got in bed around 4 and crashed! It was such an exciting night and I am so thankful that I was able to be apart of it with our sweet friend. I woke-up at 7 to nurse Jillian, then went back to sleep for a little while longer. Josh was great to just let me stay in bed while he fed the kids breakfast and played with them.

After I woke-up we got dressed and went to the library. Brody asked if we could, and we thought it was a great idea, too. Brody loved having Josh there with him to work puzzles.

DSC_0260 (640x429)

Jillian and I sat over on one of the little couches and watched the boys play.

DSC_0265 (640x427)

We went home after we left the library and then kids and I took long naps. I am apparently too old to stay up until 4! Ha!

Josh and I stopped back by the hospital on Saturday night to check on the Parrotts.

DSC_0267 (640x428)

DSC_0269 (640x428)

My mom watched the kids while we went to the hospital. This is what Brody looked like when we got home! He told us he needed his glasses to read. He has obviously heard my mom say that to him!


I have a few fun pictures from Sunday, but I will save those for another post since this one is long enough!

I hope you all had a great weekend!!


A Wedding Story said...

You have an amazing group of friends! WOW! How awesome :)

Katie said...

That picture of Brody is hilarious! SO cute.

Dianna said...

I love Jillian in that little swimsuit and the picture of Brody is HILARIOUS!!

Sarah-Anne said...

ha, that Brody is a total NUT! :D he cracks me up!!

Rebekah said...

You are such a good friend and yes, Marci is a stud! How she does it I don't know!!! So fun that you were there to celebrate baby Silas! Brody are hilarious!

Amy said...

I have been a long time reader of your blog, but have never commented. I'm not sure how I ended on here, but I had been hooked.

I am finally coming out of the lurker closet to comment on that sweet baby's name. Your friend Marci - I love her son's name. My husband and I just had a little boy in December and named him CY - after his great-grandfather Silas (they called him Sie). We chose to go with a C because he has three brothers with names that begin with C. I just thought it was fabulous to see the name Silas being used.

thank you for your candid stories about being a mother.
Amy Murphree

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