Sunday, June 12, 2011

Our Weekend

Friday night, Josh and I went on a fun date to The David Crowder Band Concert!

DSC_0052 (512x640)

We love DCB and we were so excited to find out that they were coming to our town this summer! The concert was outdoors and it was a perfect night for it. We had a great time together and enjoyed the concert so much!

DSC_0055 (640x428)

Guess where we went after the concert? It wasn’t even my idea this time. I promise! :)


Saturday morning, the boys went to a 1st birthday party for our sweet little friend, Trevor! Brody had a great time spending the morning with friends! Josh sent me this cute picture of the birthday boy eating his smash cake!


While Josh and Brody were gone to the party, Jillian, Julee and I headed to Kelly’s house for Hillary and Sadie’s Sip-and-See! I was so excited about meeting Sadie and seeing a lot of blogger friends that I had not seen since our trip to Atlanta last April! Kelly and Laurie did such a wonderful job with all the details! It was such a cute shower!

DSC_0071 (640x428)

Caroline’s mom, Robin, was there! I was so excited to meet her! She is sooo sweet!

DSC_0068 (640x428)

Kelly and Julee-Love these sweet girls!

DSC_0070 (640x428)

I was so excited to get to meet Megan’s new baby, Eli! He is so precious!! And his is momma is so funny! She made me laugh all afternoon!

DSC_0073 (640x428)

The Jills! :) I just love Jill! She is one of the sweetest people I know!

DSC_0074 (640x428)

Katie, Hillary, Sadie, and Caroline-Some of my favorite girls!

DSC_0075 (640x428)

Julee, Sadie, Me and Jillian- Jillian wanted to play with Sadie, so I had to hold her arms and remind her Sadie was sleeping! :)

DSC_0077 (640x429)

Jillian kept looking at her reflection in the camera lens!

DSC_0078 (640x428)

It was such a fun afternoon getting to see so many fun friends! I did a terrible job taking pictures of everyone that was there, but Kelly has a great re-cap on her blog! I’m so thankful for all these sweet friendships I have made through blogging. They are all such an encouragement and blessing to me!

Hope you all have had a great weekend!


Nichole said...

Cute tunic at the Sip and See! Are you willing to share where you got it?

Kelly said...

I love that we had basically the same weekend! ha!
It was fun seeing you Saturday and you looked SOOOOO cute! And so did that little sweet Jillian!!!

Cathy and Marshall said...

I second the comment on the tunic - love it! Where did you get it?

Jen S. said...

Sounds like you had a very fun weekend. That's great :) You crack me up about the yogurt. That must be some good yogurt! We have a really good place here in Vegas not too far from our house, and it's called U-Swirl. It is SO GOOD and it's decorated really neat and fun inside. We ♥ going there :)
Hope you have a great week!

Alex and Jill said...

Loved getting to visit with you at the party! Between Jillian and Eli...totally gave me baby fever. Jillian has the sweetest personality/spirit about her. You are an amazing Mama to those two babies of yours.

Faith said...

I'm loving the recaps of the S&S - it looks like it was so much fun!

Tifany said...
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