Monday, June 20, 2011

Instagram Pictures

Here is our Monday in Instagram pictures!

We got up and ate breakfast! Brody wanted oatmeal. He loves oatmeal and eats it for at least one meal every single day!


Jillian played in her exersaucer while I got ready for the day.


We left the house and headed to the library! Brody wanted to return his library books from last week, and check-out some new books! He worked more puzzles this week. They have tons of fun puzzles at our library!


Jillian sat and looked through some books while we were there. I also read a few book to her while we were there.


Brody took a turn playing games on the computer, or as he calls it, the “com-poo-u”. :)


We left the library and ran to Sam’s to grab a couple of things. They love the carts at Sam’s because they can sit by each other and play.


We went home to eat lunch and then headed back out to finish-up a few more errands. We made a quick stop at Toys*R*Us. Brody “drove” the police car while we were there! We went there because I was looking for crib rail teether guards. Jillian has started chewing on her crib, so I was hoping to find some of the plastic guards to place on her crib. I have looked everywhere for them and still cannot find them anywhere local. Do y’all know of anywhere that sells them or is this something I will have to order online??


After we left TRU, we ran to Lowe’s to grab another can of grout sealer. The never ending project! :) Then we stopped and got some frozen yogurt to go! Monday is the best day to go because of the great deal they have so I only spent 27 cents on our yogurt! Ha!


We hurried home so that the kids could go down for a nap! While they slept, I did a few things around the house and then made this 3 cheese veggie pizza for dinner! It was so good! I will share the recipe tomorrow!

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Hope y’all had a great Monday!


Ginger said...

You can order a fabric cover with a plastic backing on Toys R thats what I did for my son Thomas. It was around 20.00 and works great! You can wash it too from snotty noses and drool. It looked prettier than the plastic kind because you can get a pattern to coordinate with your crib bedding. I got a tan color for my son (but I imagine they probably have a pink color). Hope that helps! Ginger

Kerri Dunsworth said...

I found the plastic crib rail guards at Babies R Us. They are in the safety aisle. They also have a gummy-like guard that you roll on. It's a little more expensive, but it probably looks a little nicer and may fit better than the plastic. Our little guy learned how to pull off the plastic guards at around 11 months old so we just removed them but he has stopped chewing on the rail.

Lisa said...

Oh my goodness I saw your post title at a quick glance on a friends page and I thought it said "sonogram" pictures! hehe
Your sweet peas are precious as always!!!

Rachel said...

Babies r us, they have a couple different kinds, but the gummie ones with adhesive on the back worked really well for us! :)

Melissa said...

Ikea definitely has those crib teething rails!! I've seen them there a bunch of times. Speaking of which, I need to get one. I noticed little marks on the crib today. :) :)

Austyn said...

I got fabric crib guards made that buttoned on there (buttons on the outside so it isn't a choking hazard). They are really cute and match the bedding. I just had someone on etsy make them and I don't think it was more than maybe $20? I just did the front panel as that was the only one that got chewed on.

Austyn said...

I got a fabric, slightly padded, crib guard made by someone on etsy a few years back. It matched the bedding and buttoned on in between the slats (the baby couldn't reach the buttons so it wasn't a choking hazard). It was really cute! Just an idea if you don't find one. I think it was around $20 to have made but I just did one side as he never chewed on the other.

Rebecca said...

I bought both the gummy roll on kind & the hard plastic ones at Babies R Us - but my persistant son got them both off & still chewed! Good luck! :)

sarah @ life {sweet} life said...

Love all of the pictures...what a fun day! Funny you should mention the crib rail protectors. I was cleaning out Manny's closet last night and came across a gummi crib rail we never used that I got from Amazon (these If you want it, let me know and I'll drop it in the mail! I know I also got some of the plastic ones at Toys R Us for the side of the crib.

Jennifer said...

I got the crib guards on the one step ahead website. They have great items on there and sometimes you can get the items shipped for free.

Joeylee said...

I wish they had shopping carts like that around here, it would make shopping with both girls so much easier! Your kids are adorable!

As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord! said...

They have the crib teething rails at Babies R Us.

Amy said...

We ordered these and I LOVE them! I like that I can wash them and that they're removable without leaving behind a sticky residue.