Monday, June 20, 2011

Father’s Day Weekend

This is how we spent our Saturday morning….

DSC_0223 (430x640)

Good times!  The grout on our floor had not been sealed since our house was build almost 4 years ago, so it needed to be done, especially since our tile gets pretty messy with two kids. Josh did most of the work and did a great job! Nothing says, “Happy Father’s Day weekend” like a torturous home project! Ha!

Saturday evening, we went to the Arkansas Naturals’ game.  They are one of our states minor league teams and their home stadium is only about 15 minutes from our house. We love having fun things like this close by!

DSC_0226 (640x428)

This was the first time we had taken Brody to a baseball game with us! He kept telling us he was “so ‘cited to be here!” He even brought his little glove with him! 

DSC_0233 (428x640)

It was also baby girl’s first baseball game to attend as well!

DSC_0224 (428x640)

Brody was super thrilled about having his picture taken with me! Can you tell? :)

DSC_0227 (640x428)

We saw our friends, the Yazwinskis, there and ended-up spending most of the game with them! We found a little picnic table right behind home plate that we sat at and visited. The big kids had room to play and we could keep the babies out of the sun!

Stella and Brody had a great time playing! We thought they looked very patriotic in their red, white and blue! :)

DSC_0245 (640x428) DSC_0246 (640x428)

The San Diego Chicken was at the game as well! He kept us all pretty entertained with all of his funny tricks!

DSC_0236 (640x428)

Our family before we left the game! We had such a fun night together!


Sunday, we celebrated Father’s Day by going to church and then going to eat with my parents and sister. 

Brody found the golf carts as we were leaving lunch. He actually tried to drive away in one, but my dad hit the brake before he got going! Never a dull moment with Brody! I’m sure my dad would have loved for golf cart repairs to have ended up on his tab there. :)

DSC_0267 (428x640)

Mom and Jillian

DSC_0268 (640x428)

It was Josh’s first Father’s Day as a daddy of 2 kids!! We are so thankful that this precious girl is part of our family this year! She is just the sweetest baby!

DSC_0257 (640x428)

Jill and I with our dad! I’m so thankful for him and the great dad he is to both of us, and the great Big Daddy he is to Brody and Jillian!

DSC_0269 (640x428)

I am so thankful for Josh and the great daddy he is to our children! They are so blessed to have such a wonderful dad who adores them and loves them as much as he does! And I am so very thankful for our two wonderful babies that gave Josh the title of Dad! My heart is so full when I look at this picture.

DSC_0272 (640x422)

I hope you all had a great weekend!


Alex and Jill said...

What a sweet post!! Love all of the Father's Day pics.

Love from Texas said...

Oh the beginning of this post sounds identical to my last weekends post! (Scrubbing unsealed grout...) Hadn't heard of that spray sealant though, so we'll have to pick so of that up!

Laura said...

I think Josh gets 'daddy points' just by letting Brody wear that cute outfit! That bow tie!! LOVE it!!

Kendall said...

Love the photos!

jill said...

y'all are adorable as always! what a neat weekend ... i'm totally jealous of the clean grout. seriously. :) ha!

Brittany said...

Tell Josh he can give Denver some tips on grout sealing. Ours needs done too!