Thursday, June 23, 2011


While Josh grilled one night last week, Jillian sat outside with us and enjoyed some blueberries!

DSC_0156b (428x640)

You can tell by her face that this girl was happy as she could be eating them.

DSC_0165b (640x435)

We learned a couple of weeks ago that it’s best for her to eat blueberries in just a diaper! It’s less mess for mommy to clean-up when she is done.

DSC_0144b (640x428)

“Where did all the blueberries go?”

DSC_0160b (640x428)

Precious girl!

DSC_0168b (428x640) (2)

She is one of the cutest blueberry-eaters I know!


Jen S. said...

She is just precious!

Amanda M. said...

You are SO smart! I remember a LOT of foods that would have been better eaten by my little ones in just a diaper! She's such a dolly!

Stephanie said...

Such a cutie!

Sarah @ 365 Glimpses of John Parker said...

Love it! My husband and I own a blueberry farm and my son eats them until he is sick! Kids love those things!

Emily said...

She is just too cute!! Looking so much like Brody does now!

Jennifer said...

So precious! Looks just like her big brother!

Julee said...

Such pretty pics of that sweet girl!!

Jessica said...

Thanks, Jennifer. : ) I'm a bit nervous about the chevron because it is so wild to actually devote a whole wall.. but I think it will be fun! Seeing you with those two babies makes me have the baby bug! Ha, ha! I

Dianna said...

I completely agree! She is adorable!!

Paige said...

She is so very precious! =)