Friday, June 24, 2011

Arkansas Razorback Fight Song

Yesterday, I was watching a video online of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra playing the Razorback Fight Song after a friend posted it on Twitter. Jillian heard the music and started “dancing”, so I quickly grabbed my phone and caught a little of it on video.

Now we just need to teach her how to call the Hogs! :)

Hope y’all have great weekend!


Laurin said...

So cute! I think that she looks a lot like Brody in this video!

Cassie said...

How cute!! My SIL lives in Fayetteville and has taught my son how to call the hogs. It's so funny!! I bet she will be calling the hogs soon!

Mateya said...

Cute! :) Where did you get her crib bedding??

Jennifer said...

Precious! We're Tennesseans, but my lil' guy can call the hogs. Ha! We're all about "all things SEC", if the hogs ever play the Vols though......mmmm....hopefully he'll be singing "Rocky Top!". You've got quite a cutie on your hands!