Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Weekend with Mommy

Josh went on a bachelor fishing trip this weekend for Jill’s fiancé, Brandon. He left after work Friday and got home around lunch time on Sunday. I laughed at Josh because he brought these by the house right before he left for the weekend. He must have known I would need caffeine and sugar for energy this weekend!


Friday night, I let Brody choose where we were going to eat. We ate at Sam’s Club! Brody loves to eat there and I honestly like their pizza, so it worked out great.

photo (4)

Big boy!


Saturday morning, we met Jill and my mom at the salon that Julee works at so that she could do Jill’s hair for her bridal portraits. They were scheduled for that afternoon. This is about the only picture I can share from Saturday! Ha! I know Jill is going to love this! Don’t worry! No pigtails for the wedding. :)


Brody played while we watched Jill get her hair done.


Jillian and my mom at the salon


Jill’s portraits were in central Arkansas. I wanted to go so badly, but decided not to go since I would have to take both kids and it is a 3 hour drive down there. I knew we would all be exhausted after 6 hours in the car that day, so I just had my mom text me pictures and I called often for updates. Jill looked beautiful! I can’t wait to share the pictures!

We came home from the salon and the kids both napped. I tried to take a nap, but as soon as I fell asleep, Jillian woke-up and was ready to eat. We let Brody sleep a while longer and then I finally had to wake him around 6:30 so we could go eat. We ate a BBQ place close to our house. I must have been feeling really adventurous that night to take both kids to eat by myself, but it went really well and we had a great time!

Jillian before we left to go eat!


We went to Target after we ate and I bought Brody some flip flops. The child refuses to keep shoes on his feet in the car and I thought this would help speed-up the process of getting his shoes back on his feet before we get out of the car. He was so excited about his “Blip Blops” that he wore them while we shopped.


We made a quick stop to get cake pops at Starbucks and then headed back to the house. Brody loved picking the sprinkles off and eating them one by one!


Sunday morning, we went to church. I was pretty proud of myself for getting both kids and myself dressed and out the door for church by 9:15. :)  We went to eat lunch with my family after church.

photo (1)

They boys got back home while we were at lunch and we were so excited to see Josh!  The kids and I had a great weekend together! It was the first time I have kept both of them alone over night. It was a busy weekend for me, but I loved every minute with my sweet babies.


Leah said...

I love that Josh brought chocolate and caffeine. What a good husband!

Brody is hilarious, and sweet JK is so precious. Love that dress!

Katie said...

Oh my word - there is a strong chance that you are SuperWoman in disguise! Isn't it weird how it's easier to be really busy when on your own with the kids?!

Jennifer said...

Sounds like a fun, busy, weekend. Being busy always helps me not to miss my hubs too much while he's away. ;o) Love the last picture of Jillian. Sweet!

The Gambrel Family said...

Two of my favs: Reeses eggs and diet coke-YUM!

Sarah-Anne said...

way too go, jennifer!! you are rocking this mommy of 2 thing. :)

Cheryl E. said...

Reeses Eggs and some cafeeine..what could be better?!

I love that he chose Sam's to eat at...too cute!

Maryellen said...

WOW Jennifer way to go!
You cleary are an organized Mom.
You handle both these little ones like nothing to it !

They are both adorable . . .

Hailey said...

You seem like such a fun and amazing mom:)!!!

Angie said...

Super mom!!! Way to go. Hilarious that Josh got you sugar/caffeine, smart man!

Brody & Jillian are just so adorable, what a fun weekend!

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

Good job! Weekend alone with kids--dominated! (;

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Proud of you; it's hard by yourself! Love that onsie! :)

Mrs. C said...

Super mom! The kids have the cutest clothes and Reeses easter eggs are AMAZING! =)

Rebekah said...

I am impressed that you got yourself and two kids dressed and to church by 9:15! I can barely get myself there on time!

Nancy said...

You are a great Mom ~ isn't it amazing what we can accomplish when we have to?! I can't wait to see your sister's pictures. I bet they are beautiful!
It gets easier as they get older :)

amyj said...

Girl, you got it! Keep 'em busy. Feed them sweets. Take naps. That's the secret to a weekend alone with 2 babies. :)

Dianna said...

Way to go! You did a lot this weekend for being a temporary single parent!

Erin said...

So what does she do for bridal pictures? Does she wear her dress or what exactly are those?

Love all the pictures.. love that you went out to eat both nights instead of just hanging out at home!

Jill said...

seriously, i bet you're one of those mama's that make it look easy! way to go supermom!

Team Airhart said...

Kudos to Josh for bring you goodies! Can't wait to see the bridal portraits...I know they will be gorgeous!

Kendall said...

If you and Brody love cake pops, there is an etsy shop that sells the most AMAZING cake pops ever!!! A friend ordered them for me for my birthday and I am now addicted. They are by Ruby's bake shop. They're much more moist than Starbucks..my fave is the red velvet but she has a lot of flavors. Just thought I would share with you! xo