Monday, April 4, 2011

Weekend Recap

We had a pretty low-key weekend…the last for several weeks! The next several weeks/weekends are so busy!

Josh and I went on a date Friday night while the kids went to FNO at church. I can’t stress enough how much we love this ministry that our church provides to young couples.

Saturday, we decided to get some things done around the house while we had the opportunity! Jillian and I cleaned out the garage Saturday morning. It wasn’t too bad but it still needed a little attention!


While we cleaned, the boys worked in the yard! I have honestly never seen anything sweeter than these two together! Brody wanted to be just like Josh, so when Josh came outside in a hat, Brody ran back into the house and got his hat and then came outside to “help”.


He worked hard mowing the yard, too! He is such a great helper!


We went to eat at at some friends’ house on Saturday night! We had such a great time eating and hanging out with them! They have a little girl that is only 3 weeks younger than Brody. He loved getting to  play with Hannah! DSC_0311b

Sunday morning we went to church. Jillian was really excited about getting to see her friends! :) She was also very excited because she got her 2nd tooth this weekend!


Josh and I serve in the nursery every other Sunday. It was our turn this week! I love getting to be in there with Jillian and many of our friends’ babies. It’s so fun to watch them play and interact.


“Do you seriously bring your camera everywhere, mom?”


I tried to get a few pictures of Brody after church but he was not interested at all! About the only time I can get a picture of Brody sitting still is if he is eating! He ate popcorn for a snack before he went to bed last night so this is the best I can get of him right now. Such a busy boy!


“Mmmmm! So good!”


Hope you all had a great weekend!


Nancy said...

Sweet post!
My boys did yardwork, too, this weekend...our weather was great.
Jillian's dress is adorable ~
Your kids are so precious!

Dianna said...

Such cute pictures! Your kiddos are adorable!

Lauren said...

Just when I think your family couldn’t possibly get any cuter!!! What a SWEET picture of Josh and Brody in their hats!!!!!! Sounds like the perfect weekend!!

Karah said...

Jillian looks so precious all dressed up for church. :)

Amanda M. said...

These two are SOOOO cute!

Workman Family said...

Your kids are precious!! What a nice, relaxing weekend!

Mary said...

Beautiful babies! My son loves to "help" with yard work too :)

Jessica said...

Love Jillian's bows/flowers! Tell me where you get them! I have a little girl myself and I'm always looking for more!

Claire said...

Oh, those pics of Jillian are just precious!