Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Fun with Payne

The Greens came over for dinner Sunday night. We took some cute pictures of the kids while they were here!

Jillian has started making this face recently and it’s hilarious! We could not stop laughing at her!


Brody loves playing with Jillian and Payne! He is so sweet with them, but we do have to remind him to be gentle. :)


Giving Jillian a hug. She would not take her eyes off of the tv!


And this is my favorite picture of the night! I love it!! I just cannot believe how big these two are now!


Weren’t they just snuggled-up on my hospital bed like this?? Sweet babies!



Erin said...

ha ha growing so fast.. look at the last two pictures.. crazy :)

Heather said...

my two favorite babies!! And mommies! :)

Stephanie said... her new face! So cute.

Claire said...

What adorable pictures!


Tracey said...

Too sweet!!!!!!!!!!

Megan said...

That face Jillian is making reminds me of the face Brody made in his picture with Santa last year! hah!