Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

We had a wonderful weekend full of lots of fun family time!

Friday was Jill’s birthday, so I cooked Friday night and had my family over to celebrate Jill’s birthday! We had a great time eating and hanging out together.

Brody made Jill a big poster that said, “Happy Birthday, Aunt Jill!” He was so proud of it!

DSC_0987 (428x640)

Jill’s cute cake! Since it was so close to the wedding, we had them add a little bling to her cake!

DSC_0996 (640x428)

The birthday girl!

DSC_1003 (428x640)

Jill and Brandon

DSC_1008 (640x428)

Saturday night, Josh and I served in the nursery at church. Our church had 5 services this weekend, so they needed lots of volunteers this weekend! Later that evening, we let Brody dye Easter eggs.  We put Jillian to bed and then the 3 of us dyed eggs together! It was SO much fun! Brody loved it!

DSC_1047 (428x640)

He liked checking on his on eggs! :)

DSC_1049 (640x428)

He also loved seeing the colors of the eggs once we took them out of the cups.

DSC_1058 (640x428)

All of his bright, pretty eggs! He made one of his eggs a sparkly pink for Jillian. So sweet!

DSC_1062 (640x428)

He used the stickers on my hands instead of on his eggs!

DSC_1064 (640x428)

His Easter bucket filled with eggs! Yes, he has pink grass!! I went to two places to try to get green, blue, or yellow grass and every place I went was out so I had to use one of the bags of pink I bought for Jillian’s basket.

 DSC_1074 (640x428)

Sunday morning, the kids woke-up to a few things in their Easter baskets. It was Jillian’s 1st Easter so it was fun to experience this first with her this year! And I loved having two sweet Easter baskets to fill.

DSC_1081 (640x428)

DSC_1082 (640x428)

We can never seem to have enough MatchBox cars!

DSC_0001 (428x640)

Jillian got a couple of outfits and some gum drop pacifiers.

DSC_0002 (640x428)

Reading a new book!

DSC_0010 (640x428)

We went to a wonderful Easter service at our church and then met my parents at their house for lunch. Jill made the Pioneer Woman's Perfect Pot Roast and it was soooo good!

We attempted to take a few pictures after lunch, but you know how pictures with 2 kids go! It was so rainy and nasty up here that we couldn’t take any outside. These are best two of our little family! I realize we have had two kids for 7 months, but every time I see a picture of the 4 of us it still shocks me that we have two kids! Ha! It’s just a good way, of course!

DSC_0017 (640x428) DSC_0020 (640x428)

Our baby girl on her very first Easter! It’s so hard to believe that this time last year we didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl and now, this year, we have this 7 month old cutie pie!!!

DSC_0021 (640x428) 

DSC_0013 (640x428)

Jillian had on some cute little bunny bloomers!

DSC_0025 (640x428)

Our petite little doll! 

 DSC_0032 (640x428)

We thought we might get a picture of the 2 of them together. It was a good thought! Ha!

DSC_0035 (428x640)

DSC_0036 (640x428)

DSC_0037 (640x428)

This one was the winner! Don’t they look so happy? Ha! I am thinking I will probably dress them back in these outfits and take a few more pictures! Ashley made their matching outfits and we love them!

DSC_0039 (428x640)

Our sweet, handsome boy on his 3rd Easter! He looked so big to me yesterday!


As fun and wonderful as this weekend was, I hope that we never let the fun activities that surround Easter take our focus away from the real meaning and the importance of Easter. I am so very thankful for the cross and so thankful we serve a risen Lord!!

I hope you all had a great weekend!


GreenGirl said...

Your outakes are always hilarious! Your children will laugh one day at those pictures...
Jillian's face is always looking at Brody in disbelief...!
They are too precious

Faith said...

Y'all are seriously the cutest! I know I always say that, but you are! Love the pics of your sweet family's wonderful Easter weekend!

The Rohman Family said...

Love the pictures attempts!!!

CJA said...

goodness your kids are adorable! I LOVE LOVE LOVE J's DRESS AND bloomers of course!

Rachel said...

I love your sister's cake. So pretty!

And those bunny bloomers? They might be the cutest Easter outfit I've seen all weekend!

Tricia said...

Such an adorable family! And do you ever take a bad photo? :) Looks like the kids really enjoyed Easter. I love the cake for your sister. The writing is beautiful, and the bling is the best. So fun!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

What a fun weekend! Love those sweet bloomers! :)

The Kinards! said...

Looks like ya'll had a great Easter!! I had a quick question, I think it was you that posted about Josh getting you a mother's day ring last year or the year before? I have followed your blog for a while :) I was wondering where you got it from? Thanks!!!!