Thursday, March 31, 2011


We had a very laid back day at our house yesterday. It’s been kind of yucky, rainy and cold this week so we spent the day in our pajamas and just played at the house.

Brody played by himself for a little while in the living room while I did laundry and picked-up around the house. These storage ottomans are still one of my favorite purchases!


Brody decided to go into Jillian’s room and play with her after playing with his toys in the living room.


Sweet girl loves playing with all her girly toys!


They both “read” some books! :)


Brody made a few phones calls on Jillian’s keys!


This picture I love when he holds her hand! I also love watching the two of them interact with each other. I have no doubt they are going to be best friends!


I guess Brody decided that the girly toys were boring because he brought in a ton of his books and a few big trucks and a school bus for them to play with.


Josh got some cuddle time with Jillian when he came home for lunch. She loves her daddy!


Love this girl and her big blue eyes!


And I had to show you this picture of Brody from Tuesday. It was raining when we went to Bible study that morning so he wore his rain coat and rain boots. He is the cutest fireman I know! :)



Dianna said...

I love all of the pictures! Especially the last one!

lane, kelli and the boys said...

Once again, you're kids are adorable!! Always look forward to reading your blog :) The easter bunny is bringing my 2.5 year old rain boots. I have a feeling he'll want them to be apart of his everyday look!

Lindsay said...

That last picture of her is adorable! She is too cute!

Mareike said...

They are aso cute!
Greetings from Germany

Melissa said...

Jillian is so adorable! I just love her eyes! Brody looks so cute in his rain gear! Have a great Thursday Jennifer!

Megon said...

I hope Bennett loves his little brother like Brody loves his sister. Thanks for sharing the sweet moments they share!

Kelly said...

I love that picture of Brody and Jillian!!! So sweet!!! Jillian gets prettier every picture I see!!!

Linds said...

My Brayden uses those keys like a phone too! It cracks me up!!! And I love how sweet Brody is with Jillian. Brayden loves Connor, but is SO rough with him (he head butt him the other day, and I seriously thought both of their skulls cracked open!).

The Allens said...

Those last two pictures are PERFECT.

Jillian said...

So cute how they are playing together!! And she is beautiful!

Katie said...

I see some red in Jillian's hair. So precious!

Brody is such a great big brother.

Lauren said...

Seriously, your kids cannot be any more beautiful!!!!!!

Once upon a time with the U's said...

They are too cute! I can't wait until my Brody is big enough to play with his big brother!

nicole@ said...

I love big brothers with their sisters. Ihave a big brother in my house to my 2 girls. THey love him and hate him!
I love reading your blog. I need to comment more, so here I am commenting. Kids are adorable!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

Jillian looks just like you! beautiful! :)

Alex and Jill said...

Jillian looks different in every picture to me. She is just the prettiest thing. Love the one of B holding her hand and of her looking up at Josh. That rain coat is cute!

Kirby and Anna said...

Little Miss Jillian is beautiful!! I love the picture of them holding hands too. ;) reading your blog.

Lisa said...

Hi Jennfier,

I love reading about your adorable kids. I was wondering if you work your outings around Jillian's nap times of if she just sleeps while you're out sometimes.

Thanks, Lisa

Nancy said...

They are so precious!

A Wedding Story said...

Jennifer, days at your house look like so much fun! I would love to know where the chair in Jillian's room came from! I'm looking for a nursery chair!