Thursday, March 24, 2011

Josh’s Birthday Weekend

This past Sunday, Josh turned 28!!! We celebrated his birthday all weekend with our families!

Josh’s parents came up on Friday evening and took us to eat dinner. We got home and had a cake that they had brought up with them! The cake had chocolate covered strawberries all over the top of it! Yum!

The birthday boy with his cake!


An attempt at a family picture! :)


And again! I just love my sweet little family so much!!!


Josh’s parents stayed around for a little while so that Josh’s mom could sew something for me. Brody entertained them by picking his nose. We are working on manners right now. Obviously, we are exceling as a parents in this area! Ha!


Saturday night, my parents, Brandon, and Jill came over for pizza to celebrate Josh’s birthday. Since we had cake the night before, Brody and I made a cookie cake for Josh and I let Brody decorate it with icing after we ate. Y’all will be shocked, but Josh doesn’t really care for Rick’s cakes because they have so much icing on them. I tried to get something he would actually eat since it was his birthday. :)


The little artist! He did a great job decorating the cake!


Singing “Happy Birthday” to Josh! I think Brody was singing Happy Birthday to himself in this picture and we were laughing at our funny boy!


Blowing out the candles! I feel bad Jillian wasn’t in any of these pictures, but she was already in bed.


The birthday boy and me!


I’m so thankful for the great husband and great dad he is to us! We are blessed!


Erin said...

love the idea of of a cookie cake.. something different and still yummy! I might have to do that on Alex actual birthday as we will have a ton of cake that coming weekend for her party.

Love all the pictures and we are still fighting with picking the nose.. why must all kids do it! Yuck!

Morgan said...

I love Brody picking his nose! We're not excelling in manner either. In fact, we may still be a step behind...we throw food!

Courtney said...

Sweet post! My little guy is in that nose picky stage too, ha!

Hailey said...

Brody is so funny. I love reading your tweets about the hilarious things you catch him doing.

JK is adorable:)

Naturally Caffeinated Family said...

such fun pics! and sounded and looked like so many great celebrations! happy birthday to your hubby! :)

Megan said...

Too cute!!! Love all the pics!

Kodi said...

Great about the birthday and all, but would you look at your amazing bump in those pictures?! :)

Alex and Jill said...

Awww...happy belated birthday to your man! Love the pics! Can't believe Josh doesn't like Rick's Bakery cakes. They always look amazing!!

You're looking good too, Mama!

Sarah-Anne said...

happy {belated} bday josh!!