Thursday, February 10, 2011

More Snow Day Fun!

I forgot to post this video yesterday of Brody playing in the snow. We really had so much fun watching him!

While Brody napped yesterday afternoon, I made heart shaped sugar cookies. After dinner, we {minus Jillian} decorated the cookies for dessert!

Don't you love Brody's hat, shirt and diaper? :) He was very serious while he iced his cookie!
I let him choose what color sprinkles he wanted and he chose pink! That's my boy! :) First bit...ummm so good! His decorated cookie {minus the bite he took out of it!} Brody showed me the icing on his hand and then wiped his hand all over the micro-suede cushion of the stool he was sitting on. Ha! So nice of him!I asked him to smile at me and this was the best he could give me. We ended the evening with he and Josh balancing spoons on their nose. We are a talented family. Try not to be jealous.

Happy Snow Day!


Kaysie said...

That video is great. The snow is so soft! How fun!

IrishPrincess said...

that hat is too cute! i'm glad y'all are enjoying the snow!

Dianna said...

Love this post! Your family is adorable!

Mommyblogger said...

I love his hat, super adorable! Looks like a great Snow Day to me.

Lilly, Reid, Matt, and Sara said...

I love his outfit. He has style. (; now I have to go try and balance a spoon on my nose so I can see whether or not I need to be jealous!!

Rebekah said...

WHy is Brody Francis so stink'in cute!?!?! I love his hat!