Thursday, January 6, 2011

Playing Catch-up

I forgot to post Jillian's 3 month blog post! She turned 3 months old on December 15th! I guess I just got busy with Christmas and kept putting off writing it, so I posted it tonight, but post-dated it for December 15th so it would be in the right order on our blog! If you want to check it out, it's here!
I probably need to also blog about Thanksgiving and finish blogging about Christmas, too! Wow! I'm definitely behind! Hopefully, I will get those posted soon! :)

And just because, here are a couple of pictures of Brody. He found my eyeliner a couple of weeks ago and drew on his forehead!

And he also found the toothpaste!

There is never a dull moment with this boy! :)


Jessica said...

Harbor is obsessed with "lips" and deodorant. He will mimic putting them both on... monkey see, monkey do! Good thing we love our little monkey boys! : )

Kelly said...

Brody makes me laugh!
I keep wondering if I'll ever blog again once Hollis is here. ha!

Erin @ Sassin' Southern Style said...

Is that toothpaste the delicious kids' Crest? My mom used to have to closely monitor my toothpaste intake because I could slowly eat half of the tube in a week if she ever turned her back!

Summer said...

Brody makes me the new eyeliner look LOL

Kelcee found the Kandoo kids soap yesterday morning and I walked in the bathroom and our sink was bubbly green LOL


Whitney said...

Haha! Sweet Brody! He always makes me laugh!!!

Charon Benton said...

never a dull moment with boys!!!

Elizabeth said...

He is so precious! Like they say, "boys will be boys." Ha!

Gail said...

Cute! Just don't let it become a habit! Lol!
My oldest son discovered my berry colored lipgloss when he was about 2. That was interesting. Two of my three are boys. Yeah. Life is never dull around here, either. I need a nap.

timlinzrowland said...

I saw these cute construction truck eating utensils and thought of Brody (even though I don't him and just read your blog ;-) ) Anyways, Here is the link:
My oldest boy would have loved these. When he was around 2 he was obsessed with construction equipment and could name them all.
BTW.... I love reading your blog.... your little girl and my little girl are very close in age.