Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Monday and Tuesday

Yesterday was my sweet mom's birthday! Jill, Jillian and I took her to lunch on her birthday while Brody was at MDO. Then, last night, my family met to eat dinner and celebrate. We brought a cake with us to the restaurant to have after we ate. I took my camera with me but realized I left my SD card in my laptop so I couldn't use my camera. These pictures are all from my phone so sorry for the nice quality! Ha!

Here is my mom's cake! It was so yummy! The birthday girl!
Brody helped her blow out the candle!
And of course, he wanted a bite of cake!
We had such a fun night celebrating with my mom! We are so thankful for all she does for us! She is a great mom and a wonderful Gigi to our kids.

She reminded me at lunch yesterday that it was a year ago yesterday that we told her and my dad we were pregnant with Jillian! We told them on her birthday cake. :)
This morning, we met some friends at a bounce play in town to play! My friend, Holly, has a little boy just a few months older than Brody and a little girl that is almost a month older than Jillian. We met to let the boys play together and to get out some energy! The boys are a lot alike! I always love talking to Holly because I'm pretty sure we have the same life! Ha! She can always relate to what we are going through at our house.

The little sisters were so good while the big brothers played! I never got a picture of the boys together because it was nearly impossible, but I did get this one of Brody. He always goes down inflatables on his belly! Tonight, we had some friends from church over for dinner! They have 3 kids 3 and under so between our two families there were 5 kids 3 and under! It was so much fun and the kids had a great time together. I didn't even think to take any pictures because we were so busy talking and taking care of our kids!:)

Hope y'all are having a great week!


Bama Belle said...

Hi Jennifer, I have been following your blog for several months, but have never commented before. The cakes you have in your posts always look amazing! I wish I had a bakery in my town that had cakes that cute!!! :) I can't get over how big Jillian is getting. She is such a doll!

Gail said...

I know! The cakes are always so pretty. Do you make those, Jennifer? I'm going to say "probably not" on the premise that you have two tiny little people running, well, one running around. :)

And the 3 kids 3 and under. I know that story all too well. ;) When we had friends over it was like a daycare, except, when they went home, it didn't end! Haha! I seriously do not know how I got through that stage other than the grace of God!

Katie said...

Ahhh, sweet mom. ; ) Hope she had a wonderful day.
Love the cake!

That's awesome you are running in the marathon relay, too! I need to start training. Ha! I don't even know what leg I am running, but we are definitely giving Davin the longest one. ; )

angie said...

I love reading your blog! I haven't ever commented before, but I thought I would today:-) You have a sweet family!

Erin said...

a year ago already.. just seems so crazy. Love all the cakes you always get. hope she had a wonderful birthday!

Kelly's Avenue said...

What a beautiful cake
Happy late birthday to your mom

Sarah-Anne said...

Gigi looks like a great grandma, Jennifer! And I definitely remember that cake and how you tricked us with posting a pic of it without the "Baby #2". Sneaky! :)